Why Footy is Attractive for a Japanese Bloke

G’Day footy and sport lovers,

As I have mentioned you in the previous article, today I would like to write about art in footy and more.

AFL is very unique and interesting. Uniqueness of footy made me to be a passionate St Kilda fan and made up more uniqueness in my character.

Then why?

Footy is such a powerful sport. Rugby union is powerful too as players put weights on each other (scramble) and move towards to score a try. But footy players are running so fast and for long to kick a goal or chase a ball. High marks build up powerfulness indeed. Powerful bumping happens to grab a ball too.

It is said that the sport has been created as mixture of some sport codes (however it is still on debates), footy’s uniqueness cannot be seen in other sport. Mixture of bouncing with running, handballs and high marks is one of reasons why the sport is so unique.

Different types of goal kicking are very unique. Kicking a ball metres above the field towards goal posts, soccer style kicking, banana kicks and etc. Then different to soccer, no goal keeper is on the field (only defenders are playing).

Footballers are running around the ground swiftly in order to create a better chance to kick a goal and trick opponent players. Opposite players try to tackle like in rugby games. Then handball can be used to pass a teammate to keep the job done. Speed, good analysing of the field and physical fitness are required to play footy. It is tough but powerful.

Nick Riewodlt dived into a ball in order to take a mark and fell on the field holding a ball. Stephen Milne grabbed a ball right on the goal posts and kicked a goal alongside the boundary line, picked up a ball in a situation where many players both teammates and opponents were around and kicked a goal with soccer style, and slid into a ball to kick goal alongside the boundary line. Brendon Goddard took a high mark even if he was hit by an opponent player at the 2010 Grand Final and kicked a goal. At the time, St Kilda fans were impressed and praised BJ. Lenny Hayes had good tackling skills in order to get a chance for St Kilda and kicked a ball towards teammates to assist a goal.

Mixture of these performances form good footy with powerfulness. Such great performances by current and former St Kilda players were reflected on attractiveness of footy indeed. I hope young Saints learn from legends and gain skills. I want to have goal kickers like Milne and Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd at St Kilda.

The Age reports that AFL coaches are open to discuss about goal kicking to increase numbers of kicking goals in order to attract the sport more. It is a good move and I hope spectators will see more powerful footy matches in 2015.

I do not think I have seen or express all of attractiveness of footy, but I love the sport and want to seek more positive sides of the unique sport.

Not only on field performances but also other things make me to feel attractive with footy.

Atmosphere at footy games is magnificent and stunning. I can feel many footy fans are so passionate through TV screens when I watch matches including replays and through radio. I must go to a stadium to see a game and experience unique atmosphere.

The number of Melbourne based clubs is big and cannot seen in other sport. And strong rivalries exist within Melbourne and between Melbourne clubs and Geelong and over the State. Big rivalries can be seen in Japanese sports, but we are likely to have one club in one town. Two or more teams are based in Tokyo for professional sport competitions, but I do not think they have big cross town rivals like in AFL. It is interesting to see big rivalries, such as Essendon fans expressing strong feelings towards Carlton and vice versa and those between Geelong and Hawthorn.

I cannot wait watching AFL footy for the next season and do hope St Kilda will win more games in 2015. Go the Saints!!

About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi again Yoshi,

    as I read your article I can feel the excitement of all those moments. We have to get you to a game! The most recent happiest event was our unexpected win against Fremantle last year, and there were only 16,000 there, and we were 4 of those. We were well rewarded for our loyalty. There was goal kicking, tackling, hand passing, fast ball movement, great defensive work. We had all the good players there, the good young ones too. We had a bad year last year because just as one of those young blokes started doing well, they got a major injury, but the coach Allan has a lot to choose from this year and they will have to contend for a spot in the team, so it will make for a good, hard culture at St.Kilda, and hopefully we’ll see some more of THAT type of footy.
    Being at a game, the feeling of the crowd, hearing the actually body slams and noises of the kicks and grunts, it is addictive. It is a great spectator sport where there is always something happening, even if it isn’t your team that is doing the good stuff.

    Be well


  2. Nice work Yoshi.

    There is definitely something about our game. I think because it includes all the skills, not just some of the skills. However, I hope the AFL will stop playing with the rules and engineering things to make the game in their own vision. This is very dangerous to the game’s integrity, and to its future.

  3. Hi Yvette again,

    Thanks for your comment and I wish I could be at the game between St Kilda and Fremantle. It’s sad that there were only around 16,000 people attending the match, but glad to hear that you felt passionate and great atmosphere at the stadium. And thanks for your offer to a game.

    Alan had a tough and hard year in the 2014 season. But as always, we hope young blokes improve skills in the next season without injury. Once talented young players gain skills at AFL levels, we will be a strong and competitive club.

    I hope wellbeing to you too.


  4. G’day Dips,

    Thanks for your compliment on my work here. I agree with you that AFL should stop changing rules too much. Otherwise unique games won’t be powerful or attractive any more. I hope Mick Malthouse will speak up for too many rule changes if happening.

    All the best.


  5. I enjoy reading your articles Yoshi. There’s something really refreshing reading about the game from the perspective of someone relatively new to it. You have a knack for highlighting the best attributes of our game, and it reminds me of why I love it so much!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your positive feedback and I am glad to hear you enjoy reading my articles. Also I am happy to hear that you remind yourself how much you love footy from my writing. Your comment brings me more confidence in my writing and I hope my wish to get a writing job for Melbourne becomes reality.

    All the best mate!


  7. Neil Anderson says

    I am always amazed about your knowledge and particularly your passion for the game Yoshi.
    I represent the older generation of fans who lived in a Melbourne suburb with their own team and more importantly with their own footy- ground. So it makes sense in my case at least, ,that I have followed Footscray/Western Bulldogs since I saw them win the Grand Final in 1954.
    That is why I am amazed someone like your self from a different country with other major sports dominating can be so enthusiastic about a team from another Melbourne suburb. Usually that passion is handed down from father to son or daughter.
    You have probably told us why it was StKilda you decided to follow but could you remind us again please.

  8. G’day Neil,

    Thank you for your comment with warm compliment and showing your story on footy.

    I have heard that footy games had been played in suburb ovals in old days until early to mid-1990s. I guess that clubs really represented their suburbs. So have you lived in the western suburb of Melbourne? I feel sorry for Roy fans because Fitzroy was merged with former Brisbane Bears to become Brisbane Lions.

    So do your children go for the Western Bulldogs?

    I have lived in New Zealand for four years and Wellington is my favourite city in NZ. When St Kilda released the plan to play footy in home and away season in Wellington in 2012, I started having positive image of the club and indeed became a St Kilda fan.



  9. Neil Anderson says

    It’s a pity you can’t come to the Almanac launch tomorrow Yoshi. You could keep everyone enthralled for hours. Keep a lookout for the stories of the launch-night by the Almanackers and also the photos. You may be able to put some faces to the names.
    I lived in Footscray from 1946 to 1956 where Ted Whitten and Charlie Sutton were our heroes.
    My daughter and wife are not interested in the footy and prefer the arts. My daughter is an opera-singer and my wife is an academic but is interested in any writing I do about footaball. John Harms won her over when he visited my small town two years ago.
    We will meet one day Yoshi and fill in some more gaps.
    Nice talking to you again Yoshi.

  10. It’s always nice talking to you, Neil. Yes, it’s sad that I will not be able to join the Almanac Launch tomorrow. But like footballers miss the Grand Final, I will put more efforts to achieve my goal getting a Melbourne job and moving there, and will join the launch event in the near future and look forward to chatting with you and other Almanackers.

    Wow! The oval where your Bulldogs are training was named under your hero (Ted Whitten)!

    It’s a bit sad to hear that your wife and daughter prefer the arts rather than footy. But maybe you can discuss sport and art with them like some people have discussed in their articles?

    Thanks for your great comment again, Neil. All the best, mate!

  11. Yoshi, you are a wonderful recruit! Fresh outsider’s eyes are so valuable. Thanks for writing.

  12. G’day John,

    Thanks for reading and your compliment on my writing. I’m glad that we can discuss our passion of footy on this wonderful community site. Having interests in footy would not happen without my interests in other cultures, willingness to improve English skills and New Zealand work experience.

    I wish I could be in Melbourne tonight for the Footy Almanac Launch. I hope I can make a way to Melbourne for work by the 2015 AFL season so that I can watch games at stadiums and write better articles for this great community. And indeed I would love to chat with you!

    Cheers :)


  13. Come on, there has to be someone amongst the knackers that can help Yoshi get to Melbourne to start really seeing the game and continue the fine tradition of being a Saints Supporter.

  14. Thanks saint66 for expressing your opinions. I really wish I can get a job for Melbourne and all the best to you all and the mighty Saints! – Yoshi

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