Why Boxing and Cage Fighting Should Be Banned. But Won’t Be.

In the wake of the death of 23 year old Queensland boxer Braydon Smith comes a very interesting piece from Rick Sarre, Profesor of Law at the University of South Australia. Rick outlines his reasons for banning boxing and cage fighting. Recommended reading.

See the link here http://theconversation.com/why-boxing-and-cage-fighting-should-be-banned-but-wont-be-38901


  1. Thanks John. I went to the link. Expecting to see huge support for the banning of this mindless pursuit, I was astonished to read comment after comment of justification of cage fighting in the name of self improvement and the noble art of self defence. Oh, and the right of two consenting adults to entertain a group of conenting (and paying) adults with their fighting prowess. As you have probably guessed, I was driven to signup to put the case for the criminally sane.

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