Why ‘Gaz’ will be the ‘God-sun’

The long lasting debate about whether Gary Ablett will head north to the Gold Coast rages on and will continue to rage on until the day he signs a contract, to which team is still unknown. We all know Gary Ablett is one of the best players of the modern era, there is no doubting that. But, a player who has the utmost dedication and commitment to his club would have signed on by now.

The longer this rages on, the more I feel that ‘Gaz’ is going. Ablett has had a glittering career at Geelong, two premierships, all Australian placements, numerous player awards and of course the prestigious Brownlow medal. He may feel he’s ‘done his time,’ so to speak, that he has accomplished all he would have dreamed of, at Geelong. Maybe he wants a new challenge, the captaincy for instance, which he would be guaranteed at the Gold Coast. Moving North would bring a heap of challenges that I’m sure he would accomplish in flying colours. Whether he will be the player he is at Geelong currently I’m not sure, but in reality, I don’t think he needs to be ‘as good’ as he is now. He would have to be the face of the club and carry along the young draft picks under his wing, which I’m sure he will carry out. This alone would strengthen the reputation that Gary Ablett has in football, and in years to come, he will be remembered as the ‘God-sun of Gold Coast’.

Lately, Gary has looked out of sorts. Poor body language, frustration and form-slumps aren’t a good indication in the time when everyone is asking the question, Will he stay or will he go? Rifts with the coach have been sighted and mentioned, with Gary coming out and ‘calming the storm’ by reiterating the fact that he and Bomber are ‘best buddies’. The above factors are not good indications that Gary will stay, and the pleas from fans during the ‘Don’t go Gazza day’ against North Melbourne in Round 14, show that the club is desperate in keeping Gary. Don’t you think the fact that Gary’s desperation is not as high as Geelong’s is a big whack in the face of the Cats? Will the players continue to play for him? Or will the Geelong Football Club continue to hold its alliance with Gary even though Gary is not showing any commitment back?

Now, I can say all I want about this topic, whether you agree with me is up to you. But, my point is the longer this saga pans out, the more likely Gary Ablett is to go.
It’s as simple as that. These new teams, Gold Coast in particular will be licking their lips to fact that players (not Ablett alone) are hesitating whether to sign on or go for the cash. I hope Gazza does not go, as I want to see him continue his family’s existence at Geelong, and to remain a one club superstar who will be remembered as a champion who resisted the temptation. Gary, its in your hands.

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