What Baseball Does to the Soul

Craig Little alerted us to this New York Times piece.

Colum McCann, author of “Let The Great World Spin”, has a baseball story with universal themes.



  1. Dave Nadel says

    What a superb article! Thanks for posting it Litza.

    Baseball is like Aussie Rules. It is intrinsic to America the way Aussie Rules is intrinsic to Australia. It is much more related to specific places than soccer or gridiron and its language and culture are embedded deep in American culture. Like Aussie Rules it is a nineteenth century game originally played by upper class young men that very quickly was taken up by the urban working classes and rural people of all classes. And like Aussie Rules you can still see the nineteenth century origins beneath all the twenty-first century commercial trappings.

  2. Mulcaster says

    I find music does it for me more than sport.
    When listening to Lisa Gerrard singing in her invented language, although I cannot understand a word her spectacular voice reaches deep into some crevice of my existence and kindles a fire. Don’t know how she does it…but it’s my shout if ever I meet her.

  3. Wonderful piece. I immediately thought of my dad — a consummate Yankees fan — and how baseball has always bound generations in my family, whether we cheer for the same or opposing teams. And also how I’ve become enchanted with Aussie Rules. Thanks.

  4. Wonderful writing. Says so much in such lyrical, sparse prose. Thanks Litza.

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