Want to paint the cover of The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018?


We would like to invite artists to produce an image to be in the running to become the the cover for The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018.


Each year we work with an artist to develop a cover for our annual publication The Footy Almanac, of which weve had many varieties. From the standard Footy Almanacs, to our Doggies and Tigers Almanacs and last year’s Women’s Footy Almanac. Our covers encapsulate moments in time and the passion we all have for the game.



It is important to remember that the painting is to be used as a cover. We are looking for a bright, dynamic, eye-catching cover which does justice to the season, and to the artist. Traditionally our covers feature one of or both of the Grand Finalists but we rule nothing out. It could be a great mark, a celebration, an iconic moment of the season – something with movement and impact.



The Process




After the AFLW Season wraps up on the weekend, we will contact the artists who have expressed their interest to discuss concepts – and we work together to develop some ideas.


In the past, our artists have then tended to produce a sketch, and/or ‘rough’ version of their idea.


Once we settle on an image the artist has about three weeks to complete the painting.


When it is completed it is professionally photographed and goes to our cover designer, John Kingsmill.


Apart from the exposure you receive by being on the cover, in the past we have helped the artist sell the work by promotion through the Almanac site. This has been pretty successful – and has also led to a release (later) of quality prints.


If you would like to get involved, please contact Women’s Football Editor Kasey Symons and provide a short description of your idea.



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