Waikerie charge into finals


LOXTON V WAIKERIE RFL – ROUND 16 2011, Sat August 20th 2011

By Nick Kossatch at Loxton Oval

Waikerie easily accounted for bottom side Loxton by 40 points in the final minor round RFL match at Loxton Oval. The Magpies, who meet Berri in Sunday’s 1st semi-final, stamped its authority from midway through the first quarter against a flat Tiger outfit.

            Loxton’s defence held up well initially via Raphael Liddle, who was assigned the task on Andrew Bachmann but the sheer weight of inside 50’s generated by Tim Bevan, Nathan Tape (four goals) and the speedy Justin Dellazoppa eventually had the visitors leading by 19 points at quarter time. Luke Horner has hard and tough yet again in defence for Waikerie whilst youngster Joseph Haines gathered possessions at will on a wing. Steven Braun was impassable at centre half back although his opponent Jamahl Liddle was not helped from poor delivery.

Pete Smith was the only stand out for Loxton and his long goal gave some hope for the hosts. Injuries again plagued the Tigers when Jesse Smith, who was on Ben Venning, went off with a pulled hamstring in the second term. Haines produced highlights in the quarter but his ‘mark-of-the-year’ contender climbing on the shoulders of Pete Smith on the outer wing was special. Loxton could only muster two goals for the quarter courtesy of Jamahl Liddle and Lindsay Mitchell. Tape booted two goals that were typical of him over the years. Other than Pete Smith, Nick Uren, Grant Dahlitz and Raphael Liddle – the Tigers were going through the motions.

A half time motorcade of the Loxton 1971 premiership side could not motivate its’ current players as the industrious Chris Gibson and wily Tape added their third goals. Uren, who has carried a knee injury for most of the season, slotted two goals for the term and Pete Smith’s long goal from the centre square were rare high points. Tim Inkster failed to have an impact as he was well blanketed by the disciplined Jackson Sutton.

Venning made the most of Jesse Smith’s absence helping himself to numerous strong marks and three second half goals. Loxton’s consolation was its last quarter with five goals and Mitchell kicked two more goals including one from the club side boundary in a positive for the hosts.

Braun was superb in a powerful performance in defence and Haines found the ball regularly along with Bevan and Tape. Loxton’s Pete Smith was easily his sides best whilst his teammates drifted in and out of the game.

VOTES: 5 – Steven Braun (W)

4 – Joseph Haines (W)

3 – Pete Smith (L)

2 – Nathan Tape (W)

1 – Chris Gibson (W)



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