VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Williamstown CYMS: A variation on a theme? meme? dream? team!


Sing a song of sixpence,

an oval encircled by sky.

two n’ twenty each of seagulls and lion cubs,

matched in a vie.


When the game was opened

the birds were sorely winged;

wasn’t that a dainty dish,

to set before the kings.


Some kings were in their counting house,

counting out their goals;

the queens were in the parlour,

parleying with their ABC & VAFA confreres

the stories seldom told.



The CYMS supporters were in the garden,

haranguing out their tales,

when down came a blitzkrieg

that made them all go pale



There was such a commotion,

that little Joanny then

( in most generous vein)

flew down into the shEDDY,

and with kind words soothed the seagulls pain.


That night they feasted merrily

when the king’s jester, unrepenting Hille,

sooled them (but not for purpose to unfriend)

“we’ll have no Fear’on losing

when we play you once again.”


When we played St Mary’s Salesian Anita Roper former long time Director at the Fitzroy Femocracy and wife of Tom commented to the assembled “The real test will come in the next two weeks when we play Marcellin and Williamstown CYMS (Catholic Young Mens Society) at home on the BSO.” “Phwah, phwah, phwah! “said I.


Marcellin played a stoppage game for three quarters not unlike Xavier in the 2009 Premier Grand Final against De La Salle but could not curb the ‘run and gun’ game of a young enthusiastic side with a devil may care mindset in the last quarter. This style of football with a dash of luck can defeat the mightiest of sides and is football at its most attractive.


Against Williamstown CYMS Nathan Jumeau , Matt Kyroussis and Julian Turner (the latter two who kicked our only second half goals) continued their good form together with best afield Nino Lazzaro, closely followed by Aiden Lambert and Sam Baker who won the game when winning was to be done.


I estimate that Nino covered 14-15 kilometres during the game- had four different and sometimes multiple opponents when he played forward. He was involved in dispossession tackles one after the other on two separate opponents arguably took mark of the day until it was clawed from his grip by a Willy player from behind and was the catalyst for our second half defensive effort. As one observer noted, up to the nine minute mark of the first quarter, he had kicked our entire score (1.1) when Bernard Wright sent the second through setting of the avalanche of a further six single goal kickers to the 28 minute mark. Nino finished the day with 1.3 and fell just short twice from set shots into the strengthening breeze at the Brunswick Street end in the final quarter. His was an all round defensive and attacking game.


In the after match I spoke to his father who in muted, but no doubt proud, understatement summarised his game as “Crisp”.


Another youngster Bernard Wright initiated play of the day just over two and a half minutes from half time.


BW gathered a contested ball from the pack and hacked it forward where Julian Turner dispossessed an opponent of the ball in a tackle which saw the ball spill to another Willy player who in turn was dispossessed by a Gus Richardson tackle which again spilt the ball to another seagull who under extreme pressure handballed further into our forward line only to see the recipient again dispossessed by the tackle of following through BW the ball spilling this time to Max Davie who tumbled a kick forward to be caught by the outstretched arms of  Nathan Jumeau who unselfishly hand passed over another opponent to the galloping Aiden Lambert who cantered to the 10 metre square and with all the power in his right quadriceps booted the ball through the goals over the netting and to an almost bon voyage on the Preston bound tram.


All this when the team already enjoyed a 10 goal break. It epitomised the eager, enthusiastic and sometimes electric play that coach Luke Mahoney has had the team happily adopt.


FITZROY FC 8.1-49 13.5-83 15.9-99 15.13-103
WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS 1.1-7 2.5-17  4.6-30     8.10-58



Goal Kickers: N. Jumeau 3,J.Turner 3, S. Baker 2, A. Lambert 2, N. Lazzaro, M. Ellis, M. Kyroussis, T. Clayton, B. Wright
Best Players: T. Hudson-Bevege, M. Ellis, B. Clayton, T. Clayton, M. Kyroussis, A. Pettigrove


Goal Kickers: J. Noonan 3, N. Blackney, B. Gray, S. Callard, T. Johnstone, J. Wheelahan
Best Players: N. Blackney, W. Chan, T. Johnstone, Y. Hemphill, D. Tucker, R. Joy


By George! 111


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