VAFA Premier C – Old Mentonians v Fitzroy: Oh Hum, Just a Twelve Goal Win



Oh Hum, Just a Twelve Goal Win


I used to work on Saturday morning which meant I wasn’t that busy. See the booked in patients, jump in the car, get fined for going 45 in a 40 k road work zone when it was obvious no road work had been done for days and go to the footy. I would be a much richer man if they would take those signs down appropriately.


Yesterday morning I had a bucket load of things to do, including reviewing some of the laws of Cricket on the web site. It was a moot point down in Mentone whether the umpires didn’t know the laws (unlikely) or they merely missed too many rather obvious free kicks.


Went to see my wounded brother who is in rehab and then realised that it’s a long way to Mentone. I was driving my son’s car (Jack) so I filled it with petrol, dropped into home to pick up scarf and beanie and there was Jack who said, “Hey Dad, I need my car back,” and you can guess how much petrol was in my car that he had been driving.


I have a joke I play on all subcontinent lads and lasses serving at petrol stations. I ask them if they have finished their masters yet. “Of course, sir. I am doing a post doc but how do I know you”. I couldn’t play it twice at the same servo on Saturday.


So, it was down to Mentone which is quite an attractive set of grounds. I have been in some beautiful parts of France and England recently but give me a gum tree, a game of footy and some footy banter behind the goals any day of the week.


We opened into the breeze that was quite strong once you got out of the protection of the canteen, and early on, we were getting trounced around the packs. They were all over us and  only their poor kicking for goal kept us in it. It was 3.7 to 2.1 at quarter time and we scored a late goal to make the score respectable. Nino was hanging onto the ball too long, for most of the day really, as he did not pay enough respect to the opposition, but there was little talk, no shepherding and absolutely no switching and over lap run. The coach was ropable at quarter time about the lack of support and talk, but Mentone’s little blokes were like terriers, always at the ball.


Fortunately, Mentone are a bottom team, lacking a few better players that can hurt you on the score board. We skipped out to a three goal lead at half time but the bad news was the injury to Nathan. The good news was the two week holiday for Baker the Elder had not affected his appetite for a contest.


The third quarter was the most attractive quarter of footy. Early on we were quite sloppy but the skill level improved from both sides.


I spent last Saturday selling cakes at a Bunnings for my dental charity

but the last quarter was a cake walk for the Roys as we ran out a lazy twelve goal winners. Nearly everyone kicked a goal and Maxie Ellis, our esteemed full back, kicked two.


While we weren’t at our best there were a few bright spots. Pettigrove, our new ruckman, played his best game for the year. Once he starts to fight harder to get in front at throw ins and ball ups around the game he will become a real weapon. He should look at the way that Stef Martin rucks for that other team.


We Tramconductors are having a lot of fun as we reckon the umpires will not be able to tell the difference between Rory and Dalts. They will give all the best and fairest votes to Rory as they have never heard of Dalts, who was the runner up in the Tramconductor award last year, if you don’t mind. I wonder if Rory can get a three and a two vote in the same match!!!!!


It’s a bye next week but before I go I want to mention a few supporters. The first are Sarah and her Mum who never miss a game despite catching public transport to the games. They caught the ‘smart bus’ from Broadie which took two hours to get to Mentone. They are dyed in the wool supporters in more ways than one.


The other is Kate Nolan who provides a marvelous news letter on Fridays. I have put email on my phone purely to get her missive as soon as possible. If you are not on the list do yourself a favour and get on it.


Three more home and away games for the rest of he year but we may have six games left this season and half of them might be against Willy.


Think about it.


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  1. Wally from Williamstown says

    Looking forward to when the Roys journey down here to Fearon Reserve Williamstown on August 18, should be a great game

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