Tom’s Teams: Players who’ve swapped clubs

by Tom Riordan

Amidst the debate about free agency, mid-season drafts and high profile trades, I wondered just how many players on AFL lists had already swapped clubs. Going through The Age’s Footy 2010 magazine, I found 86 players who have been on at least two AFL clubs’ lists and managed to get a team with two coaches from it.

Full Backs: M.Maguire   Z.Dawson   S.Gilham

Half-Backs: R.Shaw   C.Bolton   J.Gibson

Midfielders: S.Thompson, S.Burgoyne, J.Gram

Half-Forwards: B.McGlynn   B.Hall   J.Akermanis

Full Forwards: D.Bradshaw   B.Fevola   J.Kennedy

Rucks: D.Jolly   C.Judd   B.Cousins

Interchange: B.Ottens   A.McPhee   L.Ball   C.Moooney

Coaches: R.Eade   M.Malthouse

About Tom Riordan

Tom Riordan is in his second year of a Bachelor of Journalism at Swinburne University. He loves all sports, and plays for Brunswick Cricket Club. He supports the Western Bulldogs and can be found on weekends among half a dozen others in Q38 on the top level of the MCC.


  1. Well done, Tom, but it has been happening forever. In fact, we celebrate “one team players”.
    I reckon a team of “turncoats” would give the “loyalists” a good run.
    Try Gazza, Carey, Jezza, Barassi, Plugger, Dempsey…just for first thoughts.
    Up against Matthews, Skilton, Whitten…
    Maybe others have some suggestions for teams in these criteria?

  2. I think we are going to see more and more players playing for multiple teams regardless of the free trade issue, because clubs will dip into the pool of mature age recruits more and more. Therefore young blokes will start on a list, get delisted, play VFL or SANFL or WAFL, then re-emerge some years later on another AFL list.

    Pods for the Cats is the obvious example, but Geelong has also recruited Harry Taylor at 22 or 23 years old, and Mitch Duncan at 22 years old. I’m sure other clubs have their own examples. I think Morabito at Freo is another example.

  3. Dips, Mitch Duncan and Anthony Morabito played State 18s for WA last year. Morabito played 10 league games for Peel and Duncan seven for East Perth. They are classic talent pathway examples with a touch of senior footy thrown in. Greg Broughton, who played in three premiership teams for Subiaco, and Clint Jones, a premiership player and dual fairest and best winner for South Fremantle, are examples who better illustrate your point.

    This year East Perth have two speedsters who recruiters should look at… on name alone.
    Dean Cadwallader… he’s come out of the amateurs and will turn 20 this year. He’ll be the first Cadwallader to play in the AFL
    Aaron Sweet… 21yo. He’s been BOG for the last two weeks. I went to round one East Perth vs South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval with my wife. During one passage of play I yelled, “Go sweetie”. My wife gave me a hug and said, “That player’s got the same name as you.”
    I hope this as cleared up the mature-age recruiting issue.

  4. Les – whoops – must sack my researcher. I thought Morabito was about 22 or 23?? Anyway older blokes will be back in fashion.

  5. Les – Aaron Sweet should play for any magpies team, thus his nickname: sweetie pies

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