Tigers and Pies- Best 22

Phil Walsh played for two Melbourne based clubs, Collingwood and  Richmond. These teams have over a century of rivalry. Quite a few players have appeared in both the Gold and Black, also the Black and White, especially during the asinine trade wars of the mid 1980’s. I thought i’d put a team of them together. Who’s out of position ? Who’s missing? Let us know.

B: S Roach, P McCormack, N Peart

HB:L Abbott, C Stewart, M Lockman

C: P Walsh, C Raines, R Bowden

HF: H Edmonds, A Edwards, D Cloke

F: M Maguire, B Taylor, B Heard

Followers: S McKee, J Annear, J Hummell

Interchange: J Twyford, G Betts, I Lawson, B Smith




  1. Luke Reynolds says

    G’day Glen,

    The most notable omission I can think of is Dan Minogue, captain of Collingwood from 1914-16, then captain-coached Richmond from 1920-25. Think I’ve read somewhere his photo on the wall at Victoria Park was turned around after he returned from service in the Great War and defected to Richmond.

    Others I can think of from my time watching the Pies:

    Terry Keays 20 games at Coll, 25 at Rich
    Stephen Ryan 43 games at Rich, 8 at Coll

    Some interesting names in your team Glen, looked up the 5 I was unaware of, nice tribute to P.Walsh in picking the team!

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    And of course Andrew Krakouer….

  3. Ta Luke.


  4. DBalassone says

    Good work gents. I can’t think of too many more. Clinton King maybe? Thought he was one of our better players in ’99 before getting injured – was also more than handy at Richmond.
    I reckon Clokey would be dirty on being selected on the HFF and not at CHF.

  5. The similarly sounding Noel Lovell and Wally Lovett from the early-to-mid 1980s.

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