The Year of the Bird

In another thread this week PeterB suggested that the premiership will be won by “The Big Birds”.  Personally I am still pretty confident about the small black and white birds’ chances. Many commentators are promoting the predator birds that are a little smaller than PeterB’s big birds. In the Emerald City they point out that the stately white birds roost on top of the ladder, while the City of Churches are very optimistic about their black, carrion eating birds.


The one thing that seems certain is that the 2012 Flag is likely to be won by a team with a bird symbol.


The only other team with even a slight chance is a team with a man-made flying symbol. I think the Bombers have too many injuries and too many inexperienced players to get back into the top four and stay there until the end of Round 23. The Bombers will be a greater threat next year.


A lot of the huge number of cat knackers that write for this site are still carrying illusions about Geelong’s chances. The Cats are two games and 21% behind sixth placed Essendon. They are two games and 42% behind fourth placed Hawthorn. They could get all their injured players back and they still couldn’t win a Premiership from seventh place. No team ever has. No team ever will.


The battle for eighth place between St Kilda, North and maybe Fremantle will be very entertaining for the next few weeks but I suspect that they are playing for the chance to get a shellacking from whichever of the five bird teams misses out on the top Four.


We have had five “Bird” teams in the AFL since Adelaide was admitted in 1991. I think this is the first time in those 21 years that the Bird teams have filled the top five places on the ladder. This is definitely the year of the bird. Hope my birds win.


  1. Stainless says

    Dave – it might be the year of the Accipiter, Aquila, Corvus, Cygnus or Cracticus, but it won’t be the year of the Pica :)

  2. The Wrap says

    The Society for the Preservation of Raptors says –
    Brown Goshawks hunt by stealth, relying on surprise to catch their prey. They are highly agile in flight, able to power through very small gaps in the canopy without colliding with branches. They can become so focussed on pursuing small birds that they will occasionally chase them into pergolas and al frescoes, or even into houses.
    Accipiter fasciatus for mine.

  3. Dave Nadel says

    I’ll settle for the year of the Cracticus, Stainless, but I will still say Floreat Pica.

  4. Hi Dave, well read re the birds. There are all the birds, the flying object of a bomber, every now and again I think the Saints have grown wings but then they lose too many feathers and are completely out of whack, and then there’s those sneaky Cats coming, quite naturally, to hunt those birds, as is a Cats wont. They may not be up there, but they are creating havoc in the nests. Like Sylvester from Bugs Bunny, the Cats are always on the hunt. Very very interesting year. Kangaroos and Anchors and Tigers all wanted to lurk as well.


  5. “Buck-buck-buck-buuuuuuuuck”. I’ll speak to Miss Helfinger (the Avenging Eagle) and get a few feathers back on the Wing-ed Warriors.
    The midfield have had their concrete boots on the past few weeks. No point in having the best ruckmen when you are consistently mugged by competing midfields.
    All will be well. Shuey back and a few hormone shots (our team doctor has been away at the Tour de France the past few weeks) and the ‘dead parrots’ will rise from their perches. (FSchleck on a wing).
    “Beautiful plumage,” the Western Blues.

  6. You’re probably right Dave.

    Swans and Crows to win preliminary finals against Hawks and Eagles.

  7. Dave Nadel says

    Can’t agree with your predictions Phanto but I’m glad that you concede that the Cats will not make the top four.

  8. Good to see your computer issues are resolved and you are back on line Dave.

    And with the right subtly presented bait you are back on ‘the line’. Those inexperienced Pies bite in a frenzy but it takes patience and a bit of experience to get you cunning old ones.

  9. Dave Nadel says

    You can count it as a bite Phanto, but you are still on record on the almanac website conceding that Geelong will not make the top four.

  10. Reverse psycology Dave.

    Just imagine how pissed off I would be if I had to admit to the knacker world that I was wrong. Oh the shame I would have to bare.

    (I am looking forward to our time in the doldrums. It would be great to finally have a year where we get to play Melb, Richmond, GWS, Gold Coast and Port Adelaide twice. Fickle thing this Demitrio draw.)

  11. We’ll take The Pussies twice a year down at Punt Road anytime Phanto. We’ll even play you up at Cazaly Stadium.

  12. “Come back you coward – I can still bite you on the knee caps”.

  13. Dave Nadel says

    Flaps wings. Moves on.

  14. What a pity we no longer have players like Les Hawken or Paul Hawke in these top 5 sides. Still there is a Dane Swan in the ranks. Not to mention young Bird for Sydney.


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