The View From Shepparton: Round 11 (and 10)

by Peter Schumacher

Felt good a week ago. The Lions had won two in a row, were on their way to the final eight having given everyone else seven games start and I was un freezing myself in Darwin. Can’t remember much more about round 10 and anyway what else was important enough to remember?
Wish that I could have the same memory lapses for round 11 but no, unfortunately just when I need it to, my memory does not fail me.
Brisbane, well good old Brisbane, they got a total whacking although another word springs to mind when thinking about their efforts. I eagerly turned out the sound on my computer only to hear again and again during the first half, “and there is another goal to Sydney”. I suppose that if it meant that the Swans were playing themselves back into form and might thus be one of the few interstate sides that might be able to trouble Geelong, Collingwood, et al, then at least something positive might have been achieved. I thought a couple of years back  that Goodes might be on the wane but no, he  is playing a ripper this year.
Adelaide were beaten by North Melbourne, but I have given up on the former ever since Neil Craig referred to the “power of Port Adelaide” when the Crows were rolled in the showdown.
Port were OK for a half against Carlton but unfortunately games actually go for four quarters.
Freo, like has happened to so many other sides this year managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but I reckon that they might have surprised many with their effort, given their injury list. Nevertheless it was a pretty impressive come back from the Hawks, minus Buddy.
Geelong thrashed the Bulldogs, but it was at Kardinia Park. Even a totally rusted on Dogs supporter could hardly have expected much else. I just wonder how coaches of the losers mentioned so far, with the exception of Freo, honestly believe that there teams have a hope in hell, but I suppose that they must be professionally optimistic or at least appear to be so or they shouldn’t be in the job.
Having said that, Dean Bailey’s optimism, feigned or otherwise, certainly worked against the Bombers. The latter are unfortunately being brought back to the fold in a big hurry. James, like Vossy before him, is finding the coaching caper to be full of pitfalls.
St Kilda had a real go against the Pies for a while but again, unless you were a Pies supporter, it ended up in a disappointing blow out.
The Suns are starting to show something I think, I mean to push the West Coast Eagles in their own territory was a pretty fair effort and certainly in the previous round they gave Geelong a red hot go for a while as well.
For me, the way the AFL is at the moment, bring on the second State of Origin.

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