The View From Shepparton: Rd 6

The View” has been delivered late this week as the events organiser and myself have made a sudden decision to relocate within Shepparton. We found this retirement village with facilities that one could only dream of, for example a  library, a table tennis table (very important)! a bar, gym, 15 metre lap pool,a gold star type picture theatre, and other things as well – all bloody fantastic and too good to ignore. Pity about the twelve months it will probably take for all of this to unfold. Put our house on sale and of course have to get rid of clutter. As one clergy friend might have said, “There have been plenty of interesting conversations as to what does and what does not constitute clutter”. I mean did I really have to put out to graze a pair of loud speakers that originally cost nearly 3 grand when purchased in Canberra in 1985. Well I suppose the fact that I still have a pretty good sound system right through the whole house was a mitigating circumstance. Had to get rid of our Bengal cat too, that was a real bugger.

And then there was the footy.

Got off to a great start. The mere fact that going to a retirement village has been front and centre within our thoughts suggests that I at least, but certainly not the organiser, must be getting past it at least a little. I forgot that Thursday night was supposed to be the start of round six, thought that by some sleight of hand it was still round five so ignored all of the auto email reminders to submit tips.

Back in the late fifties and early sixty’s the ABC in Perth had an experts commentator, Ron Halcombe, who used to dead set sound like a Methodist clergyman. Well at least I think he did. Being brought up in a conservative Lutheran household I never gained exposure as to what a “Methodist clergyman” might really sound like but I reckon that he sounded like the real deal. In all honesty I cannot remember if he did the footy or not, or only the  cricket, but he used to have this fabulous way of intoning at the start of a summary, “and so it came to pass”. And so it came to pass that Perth thrashed Melbourne. Well of course. Victorian teams can’t win interstate except in Adelaide, mostly, Sydney very occasionally, and I weep as I say this, “Brisbane always”. Well I guess that that somewhat destroys the argument but a few years ago it was the case. Of course this has never effected Collingwood as they never play interstate anyway. I seem to recall St Kilda having a bit of a dream run at times as well. So Melbourne were done. So Bailey has his whole game structure questioned. Well presumably he at least has a structure to work with, which is more than can be said for some. And anyway, seeing that the Brisbane and Adelaide teams are hopeless this year it would be great to see two strong Perth teams.

On Friday night I was side tracked and frankly captivated by the wedding. I loved the pageantry and ceremony, the music. the service. and the address as well. I thought that the preacher got it just right. The bride was beautiful and any male that wasn’t blown away by Pippa must be dead. And I say all of this as an avowed republican who normally would rail against the waste of money that is accrued to a few by virtue of an accident of birth. The whole wedding thing messed up my footy viewing immensely although very occasionally I snuck out to see what was happening. And what was happening was that Sydney was just in front. When I rejoined the battle for the last quarter to my horror Carlton won it. And Judd, well how he manages to win the ball from stoppages and get through tackles is a marvel. Kieran Jack being out for 6 weeks is going to be a big loss for the Swans.

On Saturday night Brisbane hit the front against the Tiges. I know that this happened because I heard it on the wireless. I was trying to juggle the radio broadcast against the telecast of the Crows St Kilda game. Thus it came to pass that Richmond regained the lead and won easily, and I felt my usual miserable self as has been the case since Melbourne beat Brisbane last year in round 5 when it comes to thinking matters Brisbane. I know how Richmond supporters feel I reckon. There is something there but it doesn’t result in anything much and all one can do is to think of next week. The only alternative is to lie back and think of Australia.

The Adelaide St Kilda game was close and interesting but I nearly ruined my 63 inch behemoth by throwing items at it  when Adelaide resorted to this ridiculous back passing and short passing in the backlines when they had the Saints at their mercy and should have been pressing home the advantage. I think that Crows supporters at the ground weren’t too impressed, had the feeling that the prevailing orthodoxy was that if the match was lost then such a result was deserved.

North Melbourne might have started to play their way into form against the Powerless but of course every team, except Brisbane, will do this. Even the Suns can and did.

Collingwood is a great side. There, I have said it and it doesn’t make me feel good at all. The reality is that no one has got near them. Everyone thought that the Doggies had, what with their fast finishing third quarter and the fact that they drew level in the last quarter. But then the Maggies put down the pedal with those 8 goals. I don’t think that even Geelong will get near them.

There is no way that any spin can be put on the Suns slaughter by Essendon. Such a one sided contest was bad for them and bad for football. As discussed previously they have some names so these ongoing thrashings are unacceptable. And how much longer can they play Karmichael Hunt?

Meanwhile in the real world, Real World one, Extremism put out of play, at least for the moment . Let’s hope that that becomes more permanent..

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