The Roy Boys: a short history

The Reporters’ Academy, an English organization which helps young people develop media skills, recently worked with the students at Salesian College, Sunbury.

They interviewed John Harms on the history of Fitzroy FC and its beautiful ground.

Here’s how they put it together: The Roy Boys


  1. Steve Hodder says

    Deftly done. JTH is eloquent and expressive. Classy camera work.


  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Well done students and JTH. John, you are a great story teller, in words and from the mouth! Learned a lot listening to this, and great to hear the RoyBoys are making a comeback. Well done, very well filmed as well.


  3. Neil Anderson says

    So many similarities with Footscray FC. That long drought from 1944 to 2001 which the Bulldogs are going through at the moment. Somehow the Roy Boys were expelled and the Bulldogs just hung on, thank goodness. Even their last home- ground, they shared with the Bulldogs.
    What a perfect venue to cover that brief history of Fitzroy FC for that group of lucky students.
    Please undertake a history of the Western Bulldogs from the EJ Whitten Stand after they win that next elusive flag. Stay well and alert into your old age to carry out the task.

  4. G’day John,

    It’s a great film and interesting to know about Fitzroy Lions. I am sad that the suburb wanted its own club and it was established but faced financial circumstances and merged with former Brisbane Bears.

    But it’s good to hear Fitzroy people worked hard to make the training ground attractive and another Fitzroy Lions came back.

    Both you and media students have done a brilliant work. I am impressed with your storytelling.

    All the best


  5. Terrific stuff. Great work JTH and budding journo’s! In the words of the ‘Fitzroy Youth Club’ in the ABC’s Jack Irish telemovies … ‘do I need to show you a map? This is Fitz-bloody-roy!’

  6. I’d have to say that the material is very good to start with – you can’t muck up the Fitzroy story.

    I appreciate your comments and thanks must really go to the kids who conducted the interviews and cut up the footage. Delightful students from Salesian College. All the best to them, and to The Reporters’ Academy.


  7. Hi JTH again,

    I wonder what has happened with old Fitzroy fans. Are they supporting Brisbane Lions or other clubs? How about their family (children and grandchildren)?

    Listening to interviews with Roy fans would be interesting.



  8. Nice little cameo on the Fitzroy Football Club but no mention of the controversy and bitterness that occurred and perhaps still exists over their unfortunate demise. Yo Yoshi … I also wonder what happened to the old Fitzroy supporters I know some still follow the Club in the Amos , some shifted to Brisbane but I think the majority into a nowhere land not following anybody. It is my firm opinion that the VFL / AFL lost part of its soul when they forced the Royboys out of the competition

  9. Yes, Terry, I agree. Certainly, the piece does not make enough of that. I am living here and I have a few beers at the North Fitzroy Arms – pretty regularly actually. So I run into that view all of the time. So well-encapsulated in Adam Muyt’s book Maroon and Blue.

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