What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  We farewell An Ornament To The Game as Yabby Jeans moves on to Eternal Rest.  What’s to be said of him that hasn’t already been said by those closest to him?  My Dear Sainted Mother used to say Royce & The Boys would walk through fire for Tommy.  Yabby inspired the same commitment where ever he went.  He was one of those men who come along once in a blue moon.  It has been our privilege to know him.  Yabby Jeans, Legend of The Game, the Whole Football World salutes you.

Mick The Maltster has come out of the closet – he’s a Tiger at heart and the talk around Punt Road is that he is always welcome.  But more revealing is that the Collingwood players have begged him not to leave them to the mercy of the Lurking Fig Jam.  Are we seeing the first chink in the Carringbush Armour?

Cadel has picked up 20 seconds and is still well placed.  Eleven seconds behind Frank Schleck and 2.06 behind Thomas Voeckler.  Andy Schleck threatens at 4th, only a further 11 seconds behind Cadel.  Danger looms, but let’s get it over with.  Bring on The Mountains.

But enough of my gabbin, let’s see who’s going to have feathers to preen after Round XVII.

The Pride of South Australia v The Not The Brisbane Bombers in the Shadows of Mount Lofty to open proceedings.  Look, please don’t send in those hate emails when we tip The Chardonnays over The Marshmallows.  We feel The Crows over there will be just too much for The Dons.  True, they jumped The Handbags, and they ran down The Tiges over the last fortnight with a 10 goal turnaround, but The Chardies are about to pop their cork and this is as good a time as any.  Stager Monfries can expect some acting lessons and Big Kurt is always a threat.  Dangerfield’s overdue and van Berlo’s on fire.  Paddy Ryder had an armchair ride against the undermanned Tiger talls and although the Bomber forwards were on fire last week, Rutten & Johncock are amongst the tightest backmen going around.  At $2.20, they’d have to be The Wrap Roughie of The Round.

The Tigers v The Sunbeams up on the Coral Sea at the traditional time.  The Tiges have been a disappointment this season.  Here’s a chance to regain some Self Belief.  Young Gazza’s going to risk his ailing knee for the chance of a few Brownlow votes, but it won’t be enough – Richmond.  But don’t bet on it.

The Miseries v The Woodsmen at Victoria Park at the traditional time.  We know we’ve been accused of anti Carltonism in the past, but you have to call them as you see them.  Empty the kiddies’ piggie banks for this one.  The main interest here could be how many Beitzel votes Brett Rosebury notches up.  And the Channel Rove feed’s on live thanks to the sellout.  As well as The Silvertails have been performing lately, they’ll need to hit Carringbush with the grandstand to stop them on Saturday.  Look for something in the margins but you’ll only find a few corrected spelling mistakes.  Swan v Judd for the umpires’ nod will be a talking point and Heath Scotland will want to show them at the Lexus Centre that he is still as consistent as ever, but you can put down the glasses, it’s The Mighty Magpie Machine all the way from us here in the Wrapcave.  And are you sure you put a stamp on the envelope Eddie, those bandwagon tix haven’t arrived yet.

The Feeling Faints v The West Coast Eagles under cover on Saturday night.  TLSJOF will have been heartened by their team’s performance over the last seven rounds in which they participated.  They’ve only gone down to The Cats & The Pies and one of those wins was a solid victory over Flaky Freo on Patersons Curse.  Look, we know The Coasters are on fire, they’re playing for the double chance, but we feel The Sainters have TTSA.  Goddard another three Brownlow votes and Nasty Milne to run amuck with a lazy six.

The Fuchsias v The Chokers up in the Top End tomorrow night.  As inconsistent as The Redlegs are, they should be able to win this one.  Iron Chef will provide better viewing, or you can slip out to the Nova to catch the re-jigger Taxi Driver with a young Robert De Nero.

Steak & Kidney v The Barry Crockers on The Other Cricket Ground for the early one on Sunday.  The Swans have been stiff over the last few weeks.  They slipped against The Crows over there and let Collingwood pip them out at Homebush.  They regained some Self Belief against The Metermaids last week and look to be playing themselves back into some form.  The Stevedores are coming off the bye after a couple handy wins against the Queensland representatives following their capitulation against The Dees.   This a season defining match for both sides.  Only a draw separates them and a win will give The Lakers a handy buffer.  A loss to The Longshoremen will leave them struggling in the path of galloping herd.  We’re going to go with the professionalism of the Homeside in this one, but not with a great deal of confidence.

The Bad News Bears v The Handbags under the palms on Sunday arvo.  Three losses on the trot for The Moggies is unthinkable.  Especially up there.  The Pussies.  And if you’ve decided to claw back that million one week at a time – here’s a chance to pick up 8¢ in the dollar.

North Melbourne v Footscray on the Shifting Sands for the twilight game.  The Shinboners took a dreadful shellacking last round from TRP.  Can they recover?  The Doggies hit some real form against The Silvertails.  The Bagmen have The Kennel Coughs out at $1.40, which surely must be a typo.  With Bulldog Barry hitting his straps and Shaun Higgins back in touch The Tricolours should have too much of everything all around the paddock for The Shinboners, of whom it must be said, seem to have hit a rough patch.  And help yourself to as much of The Bagmen’s generosity as your caring bank manager will let you take.  It’s manna from Heaven

This week it’s The Leafblowers who have the rest.

Good tipping and even better punting.

And remember, if you read it in The Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.



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