What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Campbell Brown proves he’s a chip off the old block.  I’ll do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it, any place, anywhere, any time.  So stick that in your pipe and smoke Guy McKenna.  But that’s the Metermaids’ problem.  The real problem runs deeper, and it runs right through the middle of Jellymont House.  Two weeks for a vicious elbow off the play to an unsuspecting opponent.  Come on Adrian.  That has to be four if you’re ever going to get this sort of thing out of The Game.  And the hit on Bulldog Barry.  Nothing in that.  It was a legitimate shirtfront.  Right on the shoulder.  That it didn’t bring out the Bad in Big Bustling Barry should have been enough to call play on – or in this case a rushed behind.  It was the sort of physicality we don’t want to see taken out of The Game Adrian.

Andrew Krakouer left Punt Road an insecure and troubled boy.  His inmate mates helped him turned his life around and he’s now a star Footballer.  Why shouldn’t he pay his respects and show his gratitude?

But enough of my gabbin, let’s see who’s going to be calling for more after Round IV.

Struggletown v Carringbush on the Big Stage to open proceedings.  The Pies were untroubled last week, fending off The Bluebaggers’ challenge with, in the end, contemptuous ease.  Their opponents of tonight were all at sea in a rain soaked encounter with the 2nd line Flag Favourites.  The Tiger Cubs would have learnt from the experience and will be expected to make a better account of themselves tonight.  It will be a true test of where they’re at.  In the past it has taken them weeks to recover from the type of battering they endured last round.  They won’t win, but if they can extend The Maggies it will be a stripe earned.  Will Thursfield gets another chance in defence.  Some at Tigerland would have picked him last weekend.  Greg Miller also gets another chance.  (Bit early for you Wrap.  I think you’ll find that’s the ex-Melbourne Brad Miller – Ed)  Everybody’s Dreamteam favourite Connors has a leg injury and Mitch Morton has been returned to Coburg to polish his endeavour & skills.  Not much to say about The Woodsmen.  Jolley’s out and Wood’s in.  Angus Graham will be relieved.  At $1.07 The Bagmen are being extremely generous and it’s one for the mortgage money.  However, line investors may find there’s still a good deal of fight in the wounded Tiger.  Carringbush.

The Mustard Pots v The West Coast down at Lonny at the traditional time.  Osborne’s calf didn’t come good and it’s been confirmed – Stratton is out for the season.  Mitchell & Riolli don’t fill the gaps, but they’re still a half handy pair of replacements.  The Coasters have dropped Dalziell to bring in McGinnity.  The Eagles failed to run out the game last week after having the upper hand. The way The Hawks are going they won’t have to worry about that this week.  The Mayblooms won’t give them a sniff.  And at $1.11 you they’re an even better repository for the mortgage money.  The Squawkers comfortably.

Carlton v Essendon at THOF for a 2.10 start on Saturday Arvo.  Don’t you just love it when these two line up against each other?  The Bombers are flying high after three matches.  Two resounding wins against two of last year’s finalists and a one straight kick loss to The Bloods up there is a pretty good start to the season.  Full of Self Belief and with their Skipper leading from the front they look unstoppable.  They’ve dropped Prisnall to make way for Davey.  The Miseries on the other hand have had a come from behind win against The Tigers, A 100 point thumping of The Troubled Gold Coast and an honourable defeat at the hands of TRP.  They’ve dropped Thornton and Watson to make way for Henderson & White.  Judd on Watson will be worth catching the tin hare down from Dimboola to catch, and the winner could go a long way to influencing the outcome of the team battle.  The Blues have a few livewires up forward but the Fletcher led defence should be too canny for the Carlton attack.  Bellchambers had a day out last week and they’ve kept him in at the expense of doubtful Hille.  Let’s hope they belt the crap out of each other and a draw would be an outstanding result.  Not out the question – so even are these two – but we’re going for The Gliders to have just that little bit too much for the Miseries on the day.

Steak & Kidney v The Handbags on the Other Cricket Ground on Saturday night.  Getting rid of Ablett and Thompson has been a good move for the new broom regime down at Sleepy Hollow.  They’re starting to build some serious momentum under their new coach.  The Swans are also firing under their new coach and it will be an interesting tussle.  The Hometeam are satisfied with their starting XXII from last week and have sustained no injuries.  The Pussies have lost the Tomahawk and Duncan to injury and Christensen has been asked to stand down.  The replacements are Lonergan, and the veterans Mackie & Wojcinski.  It will be a test of their aging list and The Lakers should not be underestimated.  They still play the thoughtful game instilled in them by their previous coach, while The Moggies have developed a run-on style under Chris Scott.  Ward Rooney at the Bureau has Sydney down for a few showers on Saturday and I reckon that, and the Sydney game plan deny Geelong the ability to play the game on their terms.  We’re going for Sydney here, and at $2.15, they’re The Wrap Roughie of The Round.  The Bloods in an absolute thriller.  Channel Rove has the live feed if you’re not doing anything on Saturday night.

The Chokers v The Free Settlers at Footy Park tomorrow night.  Answer the riddle of which game Adelaide is going to unpack and you’ll have the answer to who’s going to win this one.  Port were belted last week and have dropped five and you’d be excused for asking why the replacements weren’t playing last week.  The Chardonnays have had to drop a couple through injury  – Stevens & Davis – but will be smarting enough from last week’s pathetic display to come out blazing in Showdown XXX.  The Pride of South Australia.

The Gold Coast Metermaids v The Fuchsias on The Gabba on Sunday arvo at the traditional time.  The Dees haven’t lived up the promise they showed last season.  True, a draw against Sydney stands for something, but a fortnight later they just fell in against one of this season’s red-hot favourites for the Coveted Timber Trophy.  They’ve stuck with the same team sheet for this Sunday encounter and added Petterd, Maric & Strauss, as allowed for Sunday matches.  Brown is out suspended of course for The Sunbeams and they’ve regained Golly Josh Fraser , Krakouer & Bennell have been omitted.  So uninspiring have been The Redlegs, The Bagmen have them out to $1.15.  Is this the breakout game for The New Boys?  Ward Rooney has a top of 26oC with showers.  Not really Football weather.  This is the unpredictable one.  Do you pour the holiday spending money onto The Demons – or go for the Roughie at $5?  Campbell Brown’s little number and the spin-off from it, may confuse the schoolboy champions up there in the All Red Colours of The Club.  Opposition coaches have found it relatively easy to close down Gazza when they don’t have to worry about Chappy, Selwood, Ling, Bartel & Stevie J at the same time.  Forget the roughie, they’re not a darkhorse.  The Dees to do it for Jimmy.

The Barry Crockers v The Shinboners at Paterson’s Curse for the late one on Sunday.  Freo hit back at their critics with a resounding win at Crow Park last round.  North has had an inauspicious start to the season.  They’d be keen to turn things around after the bye, but they have picked the wrong team to do it against.  With Pavlich relishing his role on the ball, The Stevedores will win this one easily against the Troubled Northerners.

Good tipping and even better punting.

And remember, if you read it in The Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.

With apologies to Mark Twain –

April is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in football tipping.  The others are March, May, June, July, August, September and October.

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I'm an Aussie Rules tragic who can remember, as a four year old, shaking the hand of Captain Blood in the rooms just before he ran out onto the ground after half time, as my Old Man slipped him a packet of under-the-counter Craven A cork tipped. Now it's my turn to take my grandson Ben through the ritual of character building that is the journey through PUNT ROAD to the outside world.


  1. John Butler says

    TW, a potential tipsters minefield this round.

    We’ll find out where the Blues and Bombers stand (no wise cracks).

    Other upsets possible. Enjoy!

  2. Wrapster – the Cats will find a way to win. The big upset this week will be Collingwood beating the mighty Tigers…… and the Certainties will beat the Blues.

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Wrap, this is not directed at you.

    One more story about Nick ‘Bloody’ Davis and I’ll do a Terry Wallace or (park a tiger) if you prefer.

  4. John Mosig says

    Some people say I’m anti Carlton because I haven’t tipped them this year. I’d like it known that it’s got nothing to do with being anti Carlton. I just hate their guts. Nothing anti Carlton in that. It’s the way I was born.

    And I reckon I’ve just about nailed it this weekend JB.

  5. John Butler says

    Flynny, what did Nick Davis ever do to you?

  6. John Butler says

    #4 JM, couldn’t be any plainer than that. :)

    I like a confident tipster. It’s something I aspire to be when I grow up.

  7. Peter Flynn says

    The story of N Davis finally put to bed.

    RIP N Davis Story.

  8. Flynny – too bloody right. Go Cats.

  9. Andrew Fithall says

    Quote from above: “Let’s hope they belt the crap out of each other and a draw would be an outstanding result. Not out the question – so even are these two”

    Wrap – you may have a couple of tips incorrect, but this forecast was fairly spot-on…

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