The Parade College Writing Workshop – Alexander Lim: My photography and film-making journey


By Alexander Lim


My interest in photography began at the age of seven. I was staying at my uncle’s house in Queensland when he came home from the post office. He said he had a present for me. It wasn’t my birthday or any special occasion, but he was nice enough to give me a $30 camera that he found while picking up a delivery. The camera could only hold 50 photos and the battery lasted for 30 minutes. I began to carry it everywhere. Every ten minutes I would have to stop and empty all my photos to make space for more. However, as time went on, I lost interest and eventually the camera as well.


Years later, my 11th birthday came around and my dad gifted me an iPhone. Opening my first phone was amazing and within the first day I had downloaded many photo and video apps and convinced my dad to buy me iMovie. I instantly started making movies featuring my little brother, who always resisted acting in my latest “blockbuster”. While this was going on, I was also watching a lot of YouTube videos. Every morning I would turn on my phone and watch the latest trick shot video, which was the craze at the time.


One of my school friends had made a YouTube channel and was posting videos every week. They weren’t very interesting to watch, and I thought I could do much better. So, I started my own YouTube channel, where I learnt the most about making videos. During this period, I was uploading trick shot videos every week and gained a following of about 30 people – 20 of whom were from my own class. I hadn’t been taking any photos apart from the occasional picture of something I found cool. After school finished for the year, I stopped making videos and eventually deleted my YouTube channel.


As year seven was finishing up my friend and I had the idea to start YouTube channels and help each other grow. I started making videos first – this time it was based around shoes. After a couple of months, I started to change the direction of my videos and I discovered my parents’ camera. It was only a couple of years old and was a good quality camera. I started taking photos and talking about them on my YouTube channel. The camera supplied me with all my needs and gave me room to grow with it. I started buying equipment to improve my video quality. I continued making videos and eventually started posting my photos to Instagram.


YouTube has pushed me to improve my video-making skills and even find my best friend. He was browsing YouTube on a Thursday night and one of my videos popped up and our friendship grew from there. I now take my camera wherever I go, documenting my life. I believe that when I grow old, I will be able to look back on my videos and live out my childhood as if was young again. The videos and photos tell a story of where I have been and what I have done.



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  1. Mrs Pritchard says

    What a wonderful way to document your lifes achievements Alexander! How far technology has come from your very first camera also. I’m sure your iPhone would hold more than 50 photos. Thank you for sharing your passion for photography – a great hobby which could turn profession one day! Looking forward to watching your skills in your iMovie for EXCEL.

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