Almanac Rugby League – The Lang Park Report: 17 September 2011.

By Greg Strohal

My maiden visit to Lang Park was a memorable one.

The crowd some 48,000 was primed for an epic contest.

We caught the bus from Adelaide Street and arrived at Lang Park and were greeted by a real buzz surrounding Lockyer’s last.

We walk around to Caxton Street and took the obligatory photo of the King.

The crowd was attired in their Bronco gear but I was surprised by the volume of St George Illawarra supporters.

We arrived at level 7 Hale and Caxton streets corner 3 back from the balcony.

The information I received from various correspondents was spot on. The advertising announcements must be for a crowd of 100,000 plus too loud.

The crowd warm up bloke Tahir Bilgic was out of his depth, for someone who was a former teacher he could not put two words together.

In watching all the razzmatazz the messages about playing up, dobbin in via text of bad behaviour, no fun is allowed apparently.

Back to the game hold on a under 10’s footy team turns up sits in front of us and proceed to blow up Bronco hands and every second kid had a flag so our view was somewhat diminished.

I thought Hodges had a shocker of a first half but played better in the second. St Geo- Ill appeared to be chipping and grinding away with no flair, Cooper was a standout.

My binoculars came in handy I was able to report to my fellow supporters that I thought Lockyer was in trouble has I could see some swelling to appear.

In trying to get a bus back to the city there was bedlam near the bus stairs and some punter told its worse at the Gold Coast, got on a bus full of coppers all shapes and sizes and culture.

A lot of vocal support for the Irish RU

Overall a great night, now I have experienced the masses anybody got a corporate box I can visit next year?

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