The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 5

The latest ramblings from The People’s Elbow, Matty Q, JTH and their special guest, horror film afficionado and Cats fan Emma Westwood.



  1. Enjoyed today’s podcast. Thanks again.

    Deadly Unna? is set on the Yorke Peninsula where Phillip Gywnne grew up. The pub shooting at the novel’s centre is based upon real events. The sequel Nukkin Ya is also terrfic. The Gywnnes are a big family, and I briefly played footy with his brother who was stationed as a police officer at Kimba for a while.

    And I think most of us have had a coach like “Arks.”

  2. Mickey, the opening page wins you. You feel like you know the characters, because (as you say) you’ve met people just like them.

    Phillip, are you still living in Bali?

    We’d love to hear from you again.

  3. Very enjoyable listening whilst I sit here pretending to be busy. Well done guys.

  4. Enjoyable episode, lady and gents.
    And with all due respect, it was refreshing to hear a female voice.

  5. Excellent stuff folks.
    Couple of quibbles – my podcast cut off a couple of minutes early. I didn’t get to hear the Pentridge Division A team song? My guess is:
    “Oh, we’re from Division A
    A fighting fury we’re from
    Division A
    In any weather you will see us in the bin
    Risking head and skin
    If we’re behind then you had better mind
    We’ll fight and fight and win
    For we’re from Division A
    We never weaken ’til the final stretch’s gone
    Like the Laggers of old
    We’re strong and we’re bold
    For we’re from Division A
    We’re from Division A”

    Any confirmation?
    As for Matty Q, its time in the WAFL for you. Nothing on the website from you all season. Pathetic defence against Litza 2 weeks ago. This week the Eagles and its coach are mocked, and what is your response? Positively Sharrod-like. Its the East Perth podcast for you if you don’t lift your game.

  6. Thanks PB. Would love raise myself to the defensive standards you require, however, to quote my dear departed mother, I can’t because I’ve got a bone in my leg.

  7. Dips O'Donnell says

    Cracking stuff boys and girls. Improving like a good red. Keep ’em coming.

  8. The vino appraisal came to my mind too, Dips. Settling into a very comforting rhythm

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Juliette Binoche – Two Colours Blue and White ?

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