The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 7 – Fremantle v Hawthorn: An emotional rollercoaster

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Fremantle versus Hawthorn
2.40pm, Sunday May 13
Subiaco Oval, Perth



IT WAS A SAD DAY FOR FREMANTLE FOOTBALL. Before play started, a period of silence was observed in memory of Con Regan, who died while holidaying in Canada on the Thursday before the game. Regan played 261 games for East Fremantle and was part of WAs famous 1961 carnival-winning team. Its hard to find words to explain what he meant to the Fremantle Football Club. When he was Team Manager, his credo was that if something had to be done, hed do it. In recent years, hed been a club Vice-patron and had remained fully involved. He was strong, active and vital he was 73 years old but his death rocked the club. He had, as a relative said in a death notice, seemed invincible.


Hawthorn began the game the better it wasnt hard because Fremantle were terrible. By winning the ball out of the centre, the Hawks highlighted Fremantles perceived pace problem.


It was interesting to contrast the slick ball handling of Sam Mitchell, Shane Crawford and Luke Hodge with the fumbling efforts of their opponents. The Hawks were better at converting their scoring opportunities early in the game as well two early shots by the Dockers sailed out on the full while Trent Croad slotted two lovely set shots from tight angles.


Goals were hard to come by and when Hawthorn sneaked out to a 27-point lead 10 minutes into the second quarter, the situation had crisis meeting written all over it for Fremantle.


But a goal to Adam Campbell seemed to right the good ship Freo. The Dockers adjusted to what was confronting them while continuing to play as they wanted to. Fremantle is a running team. They look cumbersome when they cant get hands on the ball at stoppages and cant find targets. Which team wouldnt? By half-time, scores were level and the home team was the warm favourite, according to the odds displayed on the scoreboard.


Fremantles grip on the game tightened in the early stages of the third quarter. Chris Tarrant provided a roaming target sometimes up towards the wings, other  times very close to goal and the midfielders, especially Paul Hasleby, were beginning to exert some influence. But the Hawks were far from done with. They continued to run and a late surge put them within a goal at the last break. Early in the last quarter, they were more than a goal in front.


Hawthorn repeated the successful tactic of playing under-sized key defender Campbell Brown on their opponents best forward and he added Matthew Pavlich to his list of conquests. It must be said, however, that Brown got plenty of help. When Fremantle learn to take advantage of the fact that Pavlich travels with an entourage of defenders, theyll be very dangerous. If there are three players on Pav, two Dockers must be free somewhere.


Fittingly, Brown and Pavlich each did something spectacular in the last quarter. Brown took off on a long run that set up a goal and Pavlich snapped a beauty to seal the issue. It was his first goal for two weeks.


Id been sent to the game with strict instructions to shout with the power of two. Another of Fremantles treasures, my neighbour Professor George Seddon, died on the Wednesday before the game, probably just minutes after wed shared a laugh about our dogs. His Dockers scarf and beanie held pride of place among his many treasures.


What a week. What a game it is that we love.

Fremantle 1.1 6.6 10.10 14.12 (96)
Hawthorn 3.5 6.6 9.10 11.14 (80)

Fremantle: Campbell 4; Headland, Tarrant, Walker 2; Hasleby, J. Carr, Crowley, Pavlich.
Hawthorn: Boyle 3; McGlynn, Croad 2; Lewis, Ladson, Franklin, Murphy.

Fremantle: Tarrant, Walker, Campbell, Hasleby, Hayden, Black.
Hawthorn: Mitchell, Bateman, Hodge, Crawford, Brown, Boyle.

Moss (Hawthorn).

Kennedy, Hendrie, McInerney.

Tarrant (F) 3, Mitchell (H) 2, Bateman (H) 1.
Walker (F) 3, Campbell (F) 2, Hodge (H) 1.

Walker (F) 3, Campbell (F) 2, Hodge (H) 1.



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