The Fitzroy FC Player Wrap


As Fitzroy’s Seniors and Reserves prepare for their Grand Finals this weekend, King George! III gives an affectionate appraisal of the players this season.

Both Grand Finals are at Trevor Barker Oval.

Reserves: 11.40am   Fitzroy v Old Geelong
Seniors:  2.20pm    Fitzroy v Old Geelong


The Player Wrap


Player Name Matches Goals

Aidan Lambert

Sleek wingman who decimated Williamstown in our first encounter at Brunswick Street Oval in R7. Missed through injury the following week against PEGs in our first loss then overseas for the Soccer World Cup. Has not played in a losing side this year. Late omission due to injury from second Semi Final.


9 12
Andrew Pettigrove

First year player with Fitzroy has developed into a handy Ruckman with complimentary around the ground mark and clean foot and hand disposal skills.

Bernard Wright

One of the ‘twin’ Wright Brothers sons of Associate Professor Clare Wright an American Australian who must have taught the boys to kick with a gridiron Football. Despite this, BW has become a valuable team member who performs roles assigned by the coach conscientiously with full commitment.

15 10
Bill Clayton

Member of our second set of ‘twins’ who both must have also gone to a-US-kick with the aforesaid Ann Arbor Michigan mother of the Wright Brothers. Whatever! he and Ted are genuinely having an excellent adventure this year. Bill has had roles in the backline and on ball – is no nonsense in his approach and does not dispute even egregious umpiring decisions but gets on with what has to be done next immediately.

18 5

Cailean Moore

Skilled wingman who plays the game in a scrupulously fair manner. Gains great yards with speed and grace hitting targets including goals with accuracy and efficiency. Well respected on and off the ground by team mates, officials and fans.


Donovan Toohey

Youngster who can defend and attack with equal aplomb. A great asset in any team.


18 8
Glen Burns

Good contributor in block of senior games played. Endeavour undisputed.


Gus Richardson

One of only 5 to play 19 games for FFC this season. Loves to get the hard ball and does so often.

8 2

Harrison Grace

Grace had style in the game he played.


Jack Dalton

Pre-season training and new year school preparation incompatible for this teacher. Progressed through the 3rds to seniors to first game against St Mary’s Salesian in which he booted 4 goals. Has added 15 valuable goals to that tally since. Big school of thought that his hair “style” and rugged play contribute votes to another well credentialed team mate.


12 19

Jack Hart

Takes a tall in the backline and plays with unexcited efficiency and deliberation in getting the ball out of the danger zone. Learns quickly when matched against top level opponents as when he covered the resting Ruckman Robert Campbell against Old Camberwell.


9 2
Jacob Long

Time is on his side for this running back (

Watches ball and opponent’s movement so as to then operate in a parallel world to capture then escape in a manner that seems to defy the time space continuum.


James Butler

Hard working onballer who re-established his place in the side following serious injury in 2017 that dashed his rookie season. Has shown great persistence in his return and unlucky to sustain injury in last home and away game. Like Brett Ratten (of Carlton fame) his hard work is often unnoticed by opposition but appreciated by the fans who often cry out “the Butler did it” when a quick release of the ball from a pack occurs.


14 2
Julian Turner

Leader of the Argonauts in the search for the golden fleece. Brilliant when on song and enjoys the universal respect of the playing fraternity and Club as a whole which he has earnt by his earmark characteristics of  inclusivity, cool temperament and willingness to help at all levels of Club involvement including volunteering valuable personal time to assist junior development.

15 23
Lachlan Henderson

Another player underestimated by the opposition at their peril. Has the ‘X’ Factor both on the ground and in the air. Prominent in wins against POB’s and second OGG’s game at their home ground. Looks for a target behind goals and invariably hits it. See latest Phyllis’s photograph!

5 6



Martin Deasey

Clubs are non-existent without a cohort of players like Martin Deasey. Given a role, Seniors or reserves, he accepts his mission and gives his all. Not elegant in his capture and disposal of the ball, nor alone in that descriptor among the players, you have a guarantee from Martin that his best will always be offered.










Matthew Gaite

Moved through the opposition ‘scarecrow’ phase with potential galore still to be realised. Glimpses have been shown during the season which unfortunately was interrupted with a serious injury in the first POB’s game. Courage undoubted in a pivotal and game influencing role which he is working hard to master.

11 2
Matthew Kyroussis

Genuine mulberry silk. Thinks, links and cheerfully gives lesser players dinks with team victory result always to the forefront of his mind. Expect and hope to see him flourish in next Saturday’s game

19 8
Max Davie

Like JB extracts the hard ball and often gets off a hacked kick which has a knack of falling serendipitously into the arms of a team mate a la Nathan Jumeau in the first Williamstown game and again last week in the Second Semi final for the game grabber.

8 1
Max Ellis

Shakes hands with opponents at the start and end of the game and they can only marvel and admire how well and fairly they receive little touch of anything else between times. Another Teacher whose fellow backmen profit enormously from the learning he provides to them. Consistent and reliable the major  contributor to the team having had the least points scored against it  in the home and away season. Can also kick a goal when called upon to do so.

19 11

Mitchell McWhinney

Hot competition for his positions in the team only thing keeping him from regular senior selection. His last game against Old Mentonians at Keysborough was his standout performance for the year.

Nathan Jumeau

Somehow secondary second semi sub hero after slotting sidewinding sealer. Nathan has overcome hamstring issues through the season to be primary goal kicker to date with heavy expectations upon his shoulders this weekend.

16 34

Nathan Ligris

When they speak in their cups in years to come front and centre will be the topic of the legendary Ligris left foot that gives team mates an Egyptian sedan chair ride to mark. His accuracy is only ironically suspect when kicking for goal as he aims for the goal post and has hit it on half a dozen occasions this year.

16 4
Nick Harrison

Served only shortly but well.


Nino Lazzaro

Young Gun forward Nino “the Bambino” Lazzaro after winning the Tram Conductors B&F award last year has followed up with another sublime season’s performance in the games that he has been available. May miss as he has higher duties at Essendon VFL if selected there this week.

9 19
Noah Wright

Young ‘twin’ who led the cavalry charge to support the U/19s after some serviceable performances earlier in the season in the seniors. Grabbed his opportunity when spot for emergency opened up with late withdrawal of Aidan Lambert in last week’s second Semi.

8 4

Rory Angiolella

Told me once that being Captain of Fitzroy, given its recent tumultuous history and existential denial by some, was not an easy thing. I agree and after Jim O’Reilly he carried the weight of that crown alone in his first and final year as Captain and together with others during that interim. Can’t be a more loved player among the fans and officials though like all other players I spare none constructive criticism; just ask him – as one parable tells us –“to him he gives the most he expects the most”.



15 13
Ross Borland

Has had a stellar season and was prominent in the grind against POB’s first time around and again at Marcellin both in wintry conditions. A four goal veteran in our last senior tilt at a premiership in 2012. Crowd behind the goals must think he is Russian as can often hear “Moscow, Moscow…” being sung by the comrades or is that “Roscoe, Roscoe….”

14 6


Sam Baker

Co- winner with Rory of the Tram Conductors B&F for 2018. Leading goal kicker for seniors after home and away season. Sums up the game situation and takes responsibility and initiative especially when the odds are going against us. Seemingly invisible to the umpires but not to the coaches who know a thing or two about a thing or two.

16 33
Sean Laidlaw

Bagged two very good goals in his only outing with the seniors. Unlucky that he had taken Rory’s spot that week.

1 2

Shae Skipper

Served well when called upon in the seniors. Another whose field position was fiercely contested in the seniors. Heavy clash in reserves Second Semi last week. All are hopeful for a quick recovery.

Sunny Brazier

Another young gun forward ,with duties also at the Northern Knights, who was prominent in the away games against St Mary’s Salesian and Marcellin and a multiple goal kicker in all 4 games he played.

4 14

Ted Clayton

My choice as best on the ground in the second semi final. Slow ball movement from hand to foot a weakness but when you win it as often as he does, regularly and consistently it’s hard not to impress even the most severe critic.

18 18
Thomas Cheshire

TC has carried the scar of his aberrant performance against Parkdale in the Second Semi Final in 2012 with the stoicism that befits his unyielding determination. Satisfaction is not personal for him it comes only if it includes all players, coaches and everyone else along for the ride. His real joy is in the shared experience and we all felt that last week when he kicked the goal that made us all believe victory was possible.

19 15


Thomas O’Donnell

Second best on the ground for mine in the second semi final. Put himself in the competition for the ball for four quarters and but for one dubious mistake (leave the kick outs to Nathan Ligris) had an error free day. VAFA Big V representative.













Toby Hudson-Bevege

Takes either the second or third best forward and follows the coach’s instructions to a tee. Refuses to be beaten and worst case performance is break even.

Tom Biscaro

If Toby doesn’t get you Tom will. A shudder went through the crowd when he strained a hamstring against OGG’s at their home ground. A decisive mark late that day and also at the BSO against PEG’s in the final round were instrumental in victory on both occasions. A slow recovery saw him return in the reserves against Old Ivanhoe. Can ruffle feathers; but what are feathers for?

William Fenton

Last game, if selected, will be a Grand Final. Has currently a total finals experience in VAFA (U/19, reserves and seniors) of 16 games including 5 grand finals. An old dog for the hard road. Is there one left in you fella? Do I hear Wolf! Wolf!?

5 6
William Zaghis

Provided credit worthy performances in stop gap roles when called upon mid-season.



Coach Luke Mahoney having successfully completed three phases of the self-tasked agenda he set at season’s beginning (First phase: 6 wins to avoid relegation-achieved in 6 games; Second Phase: win enough games to obtain first or second position on the ladder-achieved in Round 15 against Old Mentonians; Phase 3: win a final to get to play in a Grand Final – achieved on September 1 against Williamstown) now enters Phase 4: –to win a premiership.


Listed above are pen pictures of the 39 players whom have played at least one senior game but many others, who have played reserves and thirds, have helped towards this phase and whether both, only one or neither Fitzroy team wins the premiership on Saturday the Roys community couldn’t love them and their coaches any more or any less for what has been a fabulous journey this year. In most things important and even for which one just has a passion, like football, believe in Luke 1 v 37.


By King George! III






  1. All the best to Fitzroy this week.

    For what it’s worth (and this is no kiss of death), I believe that the Roys will win – and win well.

  2. Wally from Williamstown says

    As an old Roy Boy from way back, i’m hoping you are correct Smokie, Go The Mighties ….

  3. It turns out that I am a decent judge of amateur footy.
    Well played, Roys.

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