The Draw

Seeing as the grand final did not have a traditional ending, a rather awkward one infact. I have decided not to bore you with the details but provide you with what I saw as the good parts.

First off, I woke up feeling rather ill, not sure if it was from nerves of the three slices of pizza I ate at 2:30am. Jolly was the man to kick the first of the match, loved it. Milne (the annoying ar*e ho*e, stupid little twat!!!!- that’s putting it lightly) was the main cause of my cursing during the match. Didak’s goal is added to my ‘if I could marry a goal list.’ Princess Riewoldt (who always wants to make my life miserable- that pompous royal!! Again putting it lightly) proceeds in doing so, but I have to applaud the efforts of the Chiseled Greek God Nathan Brown, so proud of him!

Travis and Dawesy were the DEATH of me and also a reason to why we didn’t get over the line. Davis kicked one handy goal but I was NOT impressed with his efforts and believe he should NOT be selected for next week.

And now to the final quarter, which I spent in tears. That’s right; I cried though the whole last quarter, while we were barley in front and even more when we were behind. The inaccuracy just got to me, I couldn’t take it. We had our chances but we couldn’t take them and it was taking its toll on me. Mum couldn’t watch me in the state I was, sobbing into a pillow and threatened to turn it off. I argued with her unconvincingly in between sobs and won.

So yeah that was fun… Spending the final quarter of the grand final crying my eyes out.

Just great…

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  1. The courage shown by Nick Maxwell and Leigh Brown in the last quarter can’t be questioned.

    Davis will be dropped.

    Better luck next week.

  2. I’m sorry for you, Danni.

    As bad as Davis played that goal was very important. I’m sure you’d be happy that Toovey was quite good as well.

    Footy can be unfair sometimes, but there’s a premiership to be won next week.


  3. Jake "Cobba" Stevens says

    A fair game and a fair result. Good for me a neutral supporter, so I get another good game to watch next week! :)

  4. Haha ‘Danne Eid” I am sorry for your loss, there’s always next week etc.

  5. Danni – well, ummm, that was interesting. Very sorry for you but also very sorry for Saints supporters. It was all a big nothing. I think the Pies blew it. I guess we’ll find out next week.

  6. Exactly Dips Id be shouting Danni as they should have lost it in the end.

  7. Danni,

    Bomber said last year that some times footy sucks.

    I can assure you that at this time coming even is a whole lot better than coming second.

    I told you last weekend that this week would be hectic.

    Seven more sleeps. Be brave.

    Cheers mate.

  8. I know how you feel Danni, I couldn’t bring myself to go on any footy websites for the last five hours. After the game we stood virtually speechless in the Ponsford Stand for about fifteen minutes.

    But cheer up. Next Saturday is in OCTOBER and the Pies always win Grand Finals in October!

  9. Herri Batasuna says

    Actually, Dave, the Pies dont ‘always win Grand Finals in October.’ There’s the not insignificant match on October 1, 1977, which rather balances the 1990 result

  10. Rubbish! There was an extraordinary leap year in 1977 and North won the rematch on September 31.

  11. Thanks for all the comments and support.
    Although I have to point out that, most of the people saying that it’s a better to have a replay match are not supporters of the teams involved.
    Because my team is involved i know that i and the players themselves do not want to go through that again, and i can also say that if my team wasn’t involved i probably would like to see the finalists battle it out again.
    The bad part about the whole thing is that i was so absorbed and emotionally distressed that i woke up ill, and sound much like Lenny.H

    Well, here we go…again.

  12. Danni,

    I had not seen the Cats (live) win a game till the ’07 GF and I was scared about going to the game as I was not sure if I could handle a loss. Where you and others are now is the price we pay for loving our teams. Rules are rules. Replays are replays.

    I note your mention of waking up feeling sick without any flipancy. I know the feeling. We all do.

    I had seen the Cats play (live) for the first time in ’67. The frustration, beltings, gut wrenching close losses were something that people very close to me could not understand. Revisit what I wrote to you last week.

    Welcome to the world of being a footy fan.

    I will write tomorrow a story about a young Hawks fan that will put our positions into perspective. I can’t write now because I am in tears.

    Keep the faith.


  13. Danni, I’ll be thinking of you – best of luck for the long week ahead

  14. Thanks Phantom and Julz. :)

  15. Andrew Starkie says

    Head up Danielle.

  16. Peter Schumacher says

    Agree with you re Milne!

  17. Thanks for the comments.
    milne? *shudder*

    i havnt been on twitter for a while, studying was the main focus,lol.
    i went on this morning and the Lovely Alex Davis WAG of Pendlebury tweeted me this nice message.

    [email protected]_davis1
    Hi Danni! thanks for all your nice comments about the brownlow dress- I came across your online writing piece too, well done! very sweet Xal 1:33 PM Sep 23rd

    i think she and all the Collingwood WAGS deserve a medal for having to try and support the boys after the draw.

    As for me im starting to feel better…bring on the gf again, i guess.

  18. I predict a Norm Smith medal for Milne.

  19. 18- *SHUDDER*

  20. David Downer says

    I just came back from the Saints open training session.

    I had a chat with Milney and he was very disappointed with your comments Danni. He always speaks very highly of you. So does Nick. They just can’t work it out.

  21. 20- LOL i didn’t even say what i REALLY thought, i put it LIGHTLY!!
    They can’t work out that they ruined my 17th birthday? (round 7 Monday night 2009)
    let them look up thw stats and score to figure it out.
    Oh well, as long as im pleasing those at Magpie land im happy! :)

  22. Danielle,

    Our wait is nearly over now.

    I am shattered for Leon – the public witch hunt that he has dealt over his career has both saddened and disgusted me. I hope the boys do it for him & for Tarks & for Presti & for Obe & for Medders & for Josh & for Rusty…and for themselves & of course for us – the Mighty Magpie Army!

    Getting nervous now but bring on whatever comes our way.

    Go Pies!


  23. 22- Bakes im sorry to say this but i didnt think Leon deserved his place in the gf replay. Leon has given us so much over the years but his career is running short. He doesnt play with the passion he used to, its over.
    im shatterd that neither Medders, Tarks and Jack Anthony were not selected.
    Jack would have been the answer to our inaccuracy, both Medders and Tarks can kick goals too.

    What ever is comming our way, i hope its good.


  24. The best 22 has been picked (which you can never take for granted from Mick).

    Now given how useless Mick is on match day its up to that 22 now to hopefully get us over the line …

    Go Pies

  25. Pending no late changes of course ….

  26. 25- late change?
    Presti – IN


  27. Danielle,

    I actually agree that Leon should be dropped. His form was ordinary. What I have objected to is the demeaning manner in which the press and the public at large have basically ridiculed him over a long period of time. We should be better than this.

    For me, he has provided so many pure football highlights that have often brightened a sometimes dour game. Yes – we laud over the tough as teak Selwood & Hodge & Hayes…etc. But let’s not extinguish the sparkle & brilliance that the mercurial small forwards – Leon Davis, Milney, Eddie Betts..etc – bring to our game. What they can produce in a moment of magic is outside the reach of the even the great work horses.

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