The day that they shot Bambi

The day that they shot Bambi
Men wept in public bars;
Stumbled out into the night
To gaze at fallen stars.


Left all alone – without a friend
They’ve even charged old Thumper;
Perp walked him shamed, across the park
In his blue and white hooped jumper.


The crosses burned on Windy Hill
Some said Bambi lit the fire;
“He’s always been ambitious deer”
Impatient to go higher.


The gathering of the Klan
Considered deers of disrepute;
They gravely read their verdicts
With only Bambi left to shoot.


The Wizard sadly shook his hood
Reached slowly for his gun;
For the honour of the forest
We’ll dine on venison.



  1. Paul Spinks says

    Brought smiles
    On the Mekong
    Chalking up miles
    Not a karaoke song

    (nor am I a poet)

  2. Neil Belford says

    Tenpole Tudor did it best

    A song for Sweet Baby James – some one has to pull the trigger, he is starting to sound like the Black Knight

  3. We should get Mr Tenpole to launch this year’s Almanac. He’s madder than Anson!

  4. Now Bambi sleeps secure at night
    No guilt to need disownin’;
    There’s memory loss and a healthy tan
    All thanks to melatonin.

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