The Ashes 2015 – Fourth Test: Analysis, Banter, Memoir

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  1. I suspect the market research has called for more action.

    Hilarious first 8 deliveries. Australia 3/10

  2. John Butler says

    Fair dinkum. Have these blokes never seen a swinging ball before?

  3. ned_wilson says

    Not a bad run rate….

  4. Shades of Oakey Primary School v Bowenville 1973-74.

  5. I’m actually itching to hear S K Warne on this.

  6. We obviously need more coaches, a second cricket academy, and even less regard for the pyramid of Aust club cricket.

  7. Steve Hodder says

    Faarrk they’re worse than even the Poms thought!

    I’m going to bed.


  8. E.regnans says

    Won’t miss much in the first half hour, I said
    Sure, I’ll read you buds a chapter, I said.


  9. E.regnans says

    on first view.

    D Lehmann selects & spruiks the “entertainment” role of this team.
    Hence no E Cowan
    No P Siddle.
    But surely you play horses for courses.

    Ahh, 8/46

  10. E.regnans says

    SK Warne said before play that “if Australia was batting at stumps tonight they’ll win the Test match.”
    Maybe still hold.

  11. Rick Kane says

    At least the crowd is clapping our 50 up!

  12. The wicket is reminding me of Wests v Brothers-Diggers at Newtown No 2 in Toowoomba 1978-79. That got a Thursday evening hose and a once over with the putter-putter roller on Friday morning.

  13. Peter Flynn says

    Not the least bit surprised.

    As stated in Cardiff, this is a poor Australian side in English conditions.

    Technical batting flaws exposed by good seam bowling.

    Broad does have these days. A bit like Caddick.

    As my old mate Macca quipped, Watto to captain at The Oval.

  14. Rick Kane says

    Broad has broken Bernard Bosanquet (the bowler who first developed the googly) bowling record at Trent Bridge. He took 8/107 for England against Australia in 1905. (Thanks Wikipedia)

  15. Yvette Wroby says

    I just heard 6 wickets go down after casually checking the scores. All I could think about was the new Australian coach of England has helped England torch Australia. That and our own hubris.

    At least I know we are all shocked and bemused together.

  16. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    This brings back memories of Johnny Briggs. MOC just posted a beauty on FB:
    “Chase THAT down ya Pommie bastards!!”

  17. yeah David, Lehmann needs to cop it – he was so nasty to Broad last tour and now should pay the price for his casual cockiness.

  18. John Butler says

    A bit of historical context (courtesy of Cricinfo):

    7th shortest test innings ever (by deliveries)
    Just longer then our 47 at Cape Town in 2011
    Only one innings shorter than those efforts in the era of covered wickets – India in England 1974 (102 balls)

    Modern Australian batting techniques can’t cope with movement,.

  19. Well, that went well. I’ve been out all night. Should have stayed out. Why do they all lean forward with their arms and leave their feet planted?
    JTH – you’re right. We need more coaches and a SUPER Academy.

  20. Yep crio – The treatment of SCJ Broad last tour was woeful.
    Of course the Courier-Mail of Brisbane Town plumbed historic depths.

  21. Wayne Ball says

    I should have nominated day 3.

  22. Skip of Skipton says

    “Oh, the treatment of SCJ Broad last tour was woeful etc.”

    Was it the same SCJ Broad who didn’t walk after he was clearly caught at slip edging Agar?

    Fuck him. Booooooo him whenever you feel like it!

    He bowled well today and got an 8 for. Kudos, and clap the jerk if you wish. It is cricket after all.

  23. Michael Clarke needed write out his retirement letter. He just semaphored in his suicide note.
    This isn’t Test Cricket – its a T20 Double Header.
    What happened to grafting an ugly 3/50 at lunch, and letting the sky clear and the pitch settle down?

  24. Rick Kane says

    Australia: broadly speaking, we’re rooted

  25. Wayne Ball says

    As Billy Birmingham once said “Not an impossible task, but …..”

    G’night knackers, my article for the day is awaiting publication.

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Absolutely pathetic where is a batsman to perform a S Waugh,A Border role and bat ugly,fight and make some runs and then when we bowl we can not put the ball at least in the right areas on a consistent basis for any periods we have missed,Ryan Harris desperately

  27. Peter Flynn says

    Refusal to adapt is deluded arrogance. Agree with R Book and above postings.

    Remember SPD Smiths remarks pre tour.

    I smell a Pat Howard review.

    The main focus of tsuch a review should be to try and establish how a spud like Bairstow can make 74.

    PS Was Hawkeye correct to give Bell?

  28. Mitcham primary bowled out Parkside primary for 17 with Dave Bartlett (Adel uni blacks subsequently) 9 for 7. Circa 1963

  29. A serious question, for which i’d like a serious answer. When was the last time Extras top scored for Australia ?


  30. Rick Kane says

    I reckon it would have been way back when he was known as Sundries

  31. Ha Ha Rick !!!!


  32. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Are any of the journos over there going to give us the real stories behind this tour? Citrus Bob?

    Or will it have to wait for the book (Collapso Cricket)?

  33. On radio Boycott said “pathetic”, at Lone Pine the G.G. said “disgraceful”. Say no more!
    Team for The Oval: Simmo (coach), Phanto, Chappellg, AB (v-capt.), Tugga (capt.), Gilly, Davo, Warnie, FOT, Clem, Pigeon

  34. Rick i found out the last time Extras, AKA Sundries top scored for us in a test match. It was at Georgetown in 1991 when they/he scored with 53 of our 248.


  35. Wayne Ball says

    Xavier Tras has always chipped away, unnoticed by most. His Indian cousin is Sun Dries.

  36. Rick Kane says

    I may be showing my age but when I saw the Australian coach my first thought was, seriously man, at least have a shave. Look presentable. He looked as slothful as the team attitude appeared.

  37. Peter Crossing says

    Any able bodied volunteer possessing cricket gear + anything resembling an ability to move feet in a forward or backward direction and not end up straddling the crease + a willingness to wait until the ball is under their nose before playing at it like a flailing dervish is asked to report to the nets, Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham at bloody soonest. Probably too late for that, please head directly to The Oval.
    I heard that Warne person. He was talking about pizza and frothies and Chelsea FC and dancing on the balcony. He did not mention Adam Goodes.

  38. Nic McGay says

    One-day dominance but Test humiliation: we’ve become Sri Lanka without the likeability.

  39. watt price tully says

    Can I sue for “nervous shock”? All right, no ginger beer or escargot.

    I was working far too much. Thought I’d sneak a quick peek on the work ‘puter & look up the scores. F*ck me. All out for 60.

    But this is all a wrongdoing:

    1. It was proximate;
    2. I felt physically ill & nauseated;
    3. There was a duty for the cricket team to take reasonable care;
    4. Cricket info had a duty to warn the reader;
    5. It all falls within the scope of liability

  40. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi guys. I think in my limited cricket ting experience tonight is about building an innings??

  41. Phew, i’m relieved to hear we play Bangladesh soon. That’ll get those Green Caps back to their best; won’t it ? Maybe not, as I have flashbacks to our first World cup encounter with Zimbabwe, back in 1983.


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