The art of writing, lost and found

Gareth Andrews on the gift of writing. You can find the piece here on his website, Life Again.


  1. N eil Anderson says

    Gareth writes immaculatey while most of us chew on a pencil (absentmindedly tap on a keyboard ) and just think about writing so clearly and concise.
    However he is right, eventually we churn something out in our own style and it works. Unlike Gareth’s father, I discovered writing and tertiary education later in life rather than at the beginning. Now that my family is no longer dependent on me and the 9 to 5 grind has finished, writing has filled the void perfectly. Firstly discovering one-act play competitions to use my latent imagination and now with the Almanac, writing about my beloved Bulldogs.
    Finally, what a great start to Gareth’s writing career to have a father as a DJ and a lawyer. I know which office I would visit when it was ‘bring a kid to work day’.

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    Gareth expresses in words the way many of us feel. I found his article thought provoking and I recommend readers check out his web site for further interesting insights from Gareth.

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