1. Thanks for this newsletter JTH. I love your observations & writing.

  2. Four years ago I was standing next to Anson Cameron at the Bowie exhibition at ACMI. I approached him and outed myself as a fellow Almanacker and fan of JTH.
    He responded with a chuckle and (I am paraphrasing) said:
    “John Harms!! That man makes a living out of being a bloody good bloke!”
    Thank you John for being such a good bloke and for all your hard work again this year. And especially for all the stuff that no-one sees.

  3. John, I’m just learning the ropes about computers. My eldest daughter has set me up on Facebook and I am slowly but surely getting there. As I become more efficient I am looking forward to joining up and being a fully fledged Almanacker in the future so that i can contribute more than just comments every so often. I hope to become a fully fledged member shortly. Cheers

  4. ‘Twas excellent to receive the newsletter once again.

  5. I’d like an e-newsletter.


  6. Yes, Loved the recent newsletter delivered to my inbox.

    Particularly, I did enjoy the way John framed the news, relationship between Theo and the simultaneous Almanac publications.

    So much in between.

    Words matter.

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