I’ve got a strange affliction
that’s always on my mind.
It’s such a strong addiction
it takes up lots of time.


Morning, noon and night
and when I should be fast asleep
I get the urge to read or write
and can’t resist a peep.


Footy yarns, opinions
Belly laughs and thoughts.
Predictions, rants, obsessions
and deadly serious reports.


Fans possessed and experts
Analysts and sleuths
Tipsters, zany poets,
And prophets with the truth!


Hints for football coaches
Solutions for the woes-
of goal kickers and batsmen.
Advice for head honchos.


Debate, theories, statistics
Bright ideas galore
The Almanackery’s the place
Sport’s lovers find it all.



  1. What was that Ken Kesey book Pamela?

    There are a few cuckoos in the Knackery; ‘cept for you and me of course.

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