The 2017 Eddie Gilbert Cup

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A lot of topics worth a rant, made notes but didn’t write them up in time.  We all agree a wildcard round to be another example of the AFL’s ludiocrousy. My original heading was ‘The Malcolm Butler Cup’ and the first person to get it will receive a copy of the awe-inspiring rock and roll flashdrive comp I made for Swish.


I was looking at the jumper designs for the indigenous round and there’s some skyscraping speccies there and a couple of clangers.



Red and yellow motif is great but on the bottom half of the jumper, it makes the top half look too Blue. Move the motif to the chest and it’d be cool.



Mostly based on the standard strip, the background patterns on the blue and maroon are beautiful.



If you insist on that ungainly CFC logo, there isn’t much left.  Goalpost motif on the left is neat but the overall look is tinkering at the margins for little effect.



Clean and simple take on the classic strip, that’s all.



Good idea, too much red in the usually black part. A bit more contrast needed.



Chevrons as boomerangs. The photo I saw was lousy, some background work in the purplish bits that could be good.



Only pic of any jumper that showed the back, which is great! Love that red line sliding down beside the blue and white dotted trail. The front pales in comparison.



The dot motif for the hoops is okay, the sun over the mountains logo is great. I’d like that on a T-shirt.


Gold Coast

A fully-realised design, the Torres Strait motif along the shoulders is echoed around the lower hemline and the team colours lend themselves to the overall look verra nicely.



Mostly white, the silly ‘G’ is enlarged and full of dynamism, arrows, dots, boomerangs, snaky lines in black, white, several shades of orange.



Clueless when it comes to strips, the Hawks, tho if scaled down and made into a repeating pattern, this would be great on a summer shirt.



A beauty, with a slow fade from red at the shoulder to blue at the lower hem, great use of the boomerang to echo the yoke.


North Melbourne

The kangaroo and stripes look good but the large blue patch at the top seems like a wasted opportunity. The ‘roo design is a pearler and oughta be used more often.


Port Adelaide

A great design, the Aboriginal flag in the centre of the chest is used to better effect than any other jumper and the apparent lack of teal is impressively cheeky.



Tigers usually have a good strip for this round, Oldfella face looks threatening and the deviation from the usual sash into the centre of the chest makes for a neat balance.


St Kilda

The turtle in the river is good but the overall look doesn’t go far enough.



Reinvention of the Opera House yoke works with the islands, esp if you’ve flown over Sydney Harbour at dawn, pale blue dilutes the impact.


West Coast

A winner, this is a wonderful design and they should wear it every week forever.


Business shirts, I’ve a few, some from fancy shops, some tailormade of top quality cotton, look at the Lions’ jumper just below Leo’s belly, I’d love to have a classy shirt with that print to wear to the Fuschias v Wiggles Grand Final of Great Strips.


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