The 2016 Moana Hope Cup

Greetings Tipsters


No AFL matches this week, I’m in two minds about that, we had the Old Blokes Footy on Frinite and the Chicks Footy on Sateve.  The OB match was silly fun, crikey Pikey, you’ve got more of a gut than me!  Quite a few blokes were in good shape, still had the skills.  Skill doesn’t disappear when they retire.  Richo and Hall impressed.


At one point BT yelled “You couldn’t write this script” but much of it was scripted.  Fev switching from suit to strip and coming on in the last, f’rinstance.  Barry didn’t want to give him the ball, having kicked six.  Abbey Holmes kicked six, some of them giveaways, some cos she was one the more nimble players in the game.  Meaningless dumbarse fun that raised $300K for prostate cancer research, all blokes oughta support that.


Sateve was a proper footballing contest.  Mo Hope’s third term was a beauty, she was skittling backmen like Plugger, kicking checksides from the pocket, great stuff.  It was a match worth watching, more so than some AFL games this year.


I did wonder why the long haired players went for a ponytail rather than a bun.  I’ve got long hair, I’m a gardener, I know a thing or two about tieing hair back.  Tho Tayla Harris’ flying ponytail when she goes for a mark is a thing of beauty.  As is her kicking action, there was one set shot when I swear you could have drawn a straight line from one foot to the other right down her legs.


It was a rep game, they have the skills but haven’t played together much so it got sloppy at times – the first term was messy, perhaps due to nerves what with all the publicity.  Fitness and aerobic capacity are what you’d expect of amateur players.


Which was okay by me cos they played in position.  Mo ran up to centre half-forward once but otherwise lurked around the goalsquare.  Like Plugger used to.  The emu lineup helped, four less players on the field.


They used a different ball, slightly smaller.  First time, in the regular womens’ comps they use a standard ball.  So why the different one, what’s the point?  I’m flying the Mosquito down to Melbourne next week, Gillo will be at the Carbine Club, I’m gonna take him aside and point out to him that it’s all football.  Women have been playing footy for a long time with the same ball men use.  Change now seems tokenistic at best.


Fitness, skills, teamwork will all pick up for the ’17 League, they’ll be training together. I’m looking forward to it, especially cos the Monaros have a team.  Fatima, my work experience kid of a couple years ago, is doing their PR.


She’s bugged by the lack of medical insurance.  It’ll take out half the salary of most players.  Yeah, they’ve got the basic cover and, yeah, other players pay out of their own pocket, but it’s something the AFL oughta spring for, part of the price of venturing into unknown territory.


Cheers Tipsters


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  1. I found the old blokes game unwatchable and turned it off before quarter time.

    I did, however, watch all of the women’s game and loved it. I don’t have a problem with the women using a smaller ball (female basketballers use a slightly smaller ball because they have (on average) smaller hands and the ball is supposedly easier to handle). I didn’t like the limit of 16 players on the field. It seemed like a pointless change to me.

    Did you notice that the women’s game had none of the jumper punching and sneaky behind the play whacks that are endemic in the men’s game? The women played hard and bumped hard but didn’t cross the line to needless violence as the men do. I’m fed up with the hypocrisy of the AFL and its footballers condemning violence off the field but then behaving like thugs on field. A punch is a punch and is not an acceptable part of the game.

    And of course the women should be paid fairly. The current pay offer is insulting and the AFL needs to change its mind a.s.a.p.

  2. Earl O'Neill says

    Gill, I was drunk when the old blokes games started, that helped.
    Yes, the women played hard but fair, I wonder if that’ll remain in five years if the game takes off.

  3. Callum O'Connor says

    People will pay money to watch Mo. What a time to be in footy!

  4. Malby Dangles says

    The break from men’s footy gave the women’s game a great showcase opportunity and it delivered! I’m very much looking forward to the Women’s League next year. Darcey Vescio you gun!!!

  5. Daniel Flesch says

    Someone said Martin Pike looks like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family . Repeated here ‘cos it’s so apt.
    The faux crowd whip up for Fev’s appearance a bit sad. So spontaneous they had a jumper with his name on it .It was a very silly game , perhaps sillier than it should have been, though i liked Monkhorst’s description of his training regime – beer and donuts.
    The women’s game was great . To the critics of 16 a side – that’s how the old VFA played . Less congestion and i liked it . Flying pony tails definitely beautiful , as you say ,Earl . And your points about pay and medical insurance spot-on. Not sure the women like being called chicks , but not being female it doesn’t matter what i think.

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