Technical problems with the Footy Almanac website (you can help us work out what’s going on)

On the weekend (Sep 9-10) we were experiencing technical difficulties on the Footy Almanac. Some people using some devices were unable to access the site.

That has now been resolved. Thanks to those who helped us understand the issue by getting back to us.


The Footy Almanac Team




  1. Coming through loud and clear in Adelaide, SA on desktop, tablet and phone on (NBN) wifi and 4G

  2. Not getting a thing down in Sleepy Hollow. It’s like the world has ended.

  3. I pad in SA yet again south aussies leading the way over Victoria

  4. No problems representing the Big V down here in South Gippsland.
    Via iPhone 4G.

  5. Fine on Perth and Adelaide this weekend, iPad and phone
    Go crows

  6. Still not getting anything down at Sleepy Hollow. It’s like we’ve been hit by a Tsunami and nobody cares.

  7. At last a connectivity. For one horrible moment I feared we’d been abandoned down here at Moggs Creek.

  8. Imac broadband tigerland marrickville HQ

  9. Neil Anderson says

    Loud and clear 200 ks west of the Whitten Oval using a laptop. ( I know, very old fashioned, but I used a slate when I started primary school so I have tried to keep up).

  10. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    At home in central Sydney on Apple Laptop with wifi. Seems fine from here. Go Swans!

  11. All good now in Glenelg on laptop, tablet, mobile and AM radio. Even with Vodafone! Yeah, I know.

  12. No problems from a warm and sunny Karratha. On my MacBook pro, using my new telstra 4G wifi device.

  13. All good here in San Sebastian in Spain on iPad and MacBook. (I knew this sort of stuff would happen when you let “IT Guru” Swish play with the big kids). Hoping the performance will be good on AFL Global Pass in 5 hours time (only $75 a month at Finals Time – Gillon’s benevolence knows no bounds). Listened to most of yesterday’s match on mobile data in the car driving up from the south coast. Bit patchy and dropped out for periods (much like the Cats). Go Eagles.

  14. All clear here 2kms from Richmond. I can hear the whirring of new tattoos being applied from the front verandah.

  15. Receiving loud and clear, laptop, desktop and phone in Elwood.
    However, the universe is swamped in ‘fake ‘ news.

    Reports insist that Richmond won a final, and they won it against Geelong

  16. Had problems in Ballarat over the weekend and this morning. Time out errors.

    This was on both laptop and 4G phone.

    Seems ok for now.

  17. Did the papers make it through the snow drifts on the Ballaarat Road JB? Oh that’s right, they’re printed up there. So you won’t need me to email you the results.

  18. Yes Wrap, they print all 23 copies still required and send them down on the Mars chocky bar delivery van.

    Snow references are so last week. It’s the gale force winds we’re worried about today.

    You sound chipper. Anything happen on the weekend?

  19. Nothing much JB; nothing that wasn’t expected.

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