Falling, flapping, away from the nest

It’s moving on time for Paddy Grindlay – from home to the city, from teenager to what comes next, all in this still uncertain age of Covid. It’s enough to exercise a young man’s mind.

Round 3 – Richmond v West Coast: A very un-Richmond afternoon

Richmond’s uncharacteristic tough and scrappy victory sees Paddy Grindlay pleasantly surprised. More of the same, Tigers.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Being with footy

Paddy Grindlay, in navigating a way through the fog of a desultory start to Richmond’s 2016 season, has found wisdom playing, training and umpiring around Woodend: “The brilliance of footy will save us all.”

The game has changed

Paddy Grindlay tells of stepping onto the cricket field again with the Woodend Under 14s. The first outing since P. Hughes’ death last week. Life goes on, cricket goes on, but something has changed.