Almanac Rugby League: What happened to the Brisbane Broncos in 2020?

Brisbane Broncos fan and Almanac regular Liam Hauser, a long-time Brisbane Broncos fan, offers his thoughts after his team ‘won’ their first ever wooden spoon.

Round 23 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: The wooden spoon – a useless utensil

Matt Watson dissects the history of the wooden spoon in AFL as the Lions and Kangas battled it out this weekend to avoid the dreaded tag of wooden spooners.

St. Kilda 2015?

A series of questionable decisions has helped leave the Saints looking up at the rest of the AFL for seemingly the umpteenth time, claims Andy Tuano. And he’s tired of it.

Almanac Rugby League – A hard night’s work

COVERING a footy match seems a pretty straightforward task. I remember a Julia Roberts movie where the main male love interest was a sportswriter, depicted in the press box with a beer in hand and not a notebook in sight. If only it was really like that. In fact, covering a night match where things [Read more]