It’s the one month anniversary of The Women’s Almanac 2018!

It has been 1 month since we launched The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018! The book is now out in the world and we couldn’t be prouder to have produced another edition of the Almanac that covers the women’s game. Read about all the coverage the book has received in the last month.

Oldest surviving footballers (and can you help?)

Thanks to some wonderful work from AFL statistician Col Hutchinson and several others, we’d like to present a list of the oldest surviving footballers and invite you to get involved by sharing any insights or tales you have about them.

Oldest surviving footballers – Full list

A companion piece for the oldest surviving footballers, this is the list of all the players provided for the Almanac, including some who may or may not be still with us. Get in touch if you have any knowledge about them or others we might have missed.

Almanac Women’s Footy History: On the margins of the good oval

As we know the story of women’s football is more than the ‘Overnight success’ of the Friday night first match between Carlton and Collingwood.

In this article historian Stephen Alomes looks at the struggles to build women’s football primarily in recent years. It focuses on the period from the formation of the Victorian Women’s Football League in 1981. It also places women’s football in the context of Oz social values, from traditional views of women’s role to contemporary change, and has the voices of players.

Nine broken fingers: the story of determined girls and their footy game

This wonderful piece, about an all-girls footy match in Williamstown, by Lucia Nardo was first published six years ago. It’s timely to bring it to you again.