A Wink from the Universe at Willy Lit Fest (June 17)

Our own John Harms will be in conversation with Almanac favourite Martin Flanagan on his captivating volume on the 2016 Premiers, “A Wink from the Universe”

How the West was One at Willy Lit Fest (June 17)

Get along to the Willy Lit Fest to hear from the people behind one of the best received books on the human history and changing fortunes of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs – “How the West was One”

Almanackers at this year’s Williamstown Literary Festival – June 16-17

Be sure to head along to the Willy Lit Fest for some excellent panels and chats and support the Almanac writers who are part of this year’s program. (The quickview of the whole program is available here too)

AFLM: Round 13 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: Their team didn’t do very well Friday night

Yvette Wroby enjoyed a Saints win, a weekend away and the Williamstown Literary Festival. Three wins. Let’s hope the Saints get another win next weekend as well.

AFLM Round 12 – Adelaide v St Kilda: ‘Your Saints didn’t do very well last night’

With no joy in Round 12 for Yvette Wroby’s Saints, she let the universe point her to a happier place. The universe, friends and family (and Yamazaki Whiskey) did the job.

Almanac Sports Memoir: Can you recommend any?

Yvette Wroby looks at some recent footy memoirs as she prepares for her gig at the Williamstown Literary Festival.

Lit Fest looming: Almanackers front and centre

Almanackers are once again front and centre at the Williamstown Literary Festival on the weekend of 17 and 18 June.

Kerrie Soraghan, Yvette Wroby, John Harms, Smokie Dawson and Vin Maskell are amongst the guest speakers.

Living Footy at Williamstown Literary Festival

The Footy Almanac will be at Willy Lit Fest this year. Come along to see John Harms, Yvetter Wroby and Kerrie Soraghan talking about their love and obsession with footy. Come along for a what will be a delightful session.

Neil Young. Markus Zusak. Stereo Story.

Which Neil Young song has helped Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, get words on the page for his next book, a novel that has been a dozen years in the making?

Almanac Music: ‘Smokie’ Dawson and The Stereo Stories Band

‘Smokie’ Dawson’s Stereo Story about young love and Before Too Long is always a hit at Stereo Stories concerts. Here is Smokie and the band at the 2016 Williamstown Literary Festival.

Book now for Willy Lit Fest: Stereo Stories, A Passion For Footy, and more.

Time for music-loving Almanackers to book at table at the next Stereo Stories show and see Smokie Dawson on his home ground, sharing the Stereo Stories stage with the band and several writers, including Andy Griffiths and Brian Nankervis.

Almanackers aplenty at 2015 Willy Lit Fest – get your tickets now

More than a few Almanackers, and friends of The Almanac, will feature at this year’s Williamstown Literary Festival, from Friday 12 June to Sunday 14 June. Early bird tickets available until midnight Sunday 24 May.

Almanackers at the Willy Lit Fest

The Williamstown Literary Festival is on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June. Several Almanackers will be panelists. Gideon Haigh will be there. Don’t miss it.

Williamstown Literary Festival: Footy Town

Knacker Vin Maskell will host a Williamstown Literary Festival event this Wednesday, May 29, featuring John Harms, Paul Daffey and fellow Knacker and Williamstown CYMS footy club legend, Smokie Dawson.