The 19th Man

Biased? One-eyed? No-one was ever as blatantly unfair as Forbsey, the reserves umpire whose performances bordered on downright cheating

VAFA Premier B Section – Williamstown CYMS FC: The Ladder

Having climbed through the lower rungs of the VAFA, this Saturday the Williamstown CYMS Football Club will play its first ever match in Premier B Section. Smokie muses on the notion of climbing ladders.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Folly In The Goalsquare

Five years after he’d retired from ammos footy, Smokie Dawson gets the call from TR, the coach of Willy CY’s reserves. Here’s what happened. [This is a piece from ‘Footy Town’, a collection of stories about country, suburban and amateur footy – Ed]

No Footy!

Smokie laments the cancellation of local footy. He’s missing the Fearon.

VAFA 2019 Premier C – Grand Final Seniors & Reserves: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From the Grand Canal in Venice, Smokie waxes philosophically about the journey the Williamstown WCYMS club has taken as they vie for a premiership for their senior & reserve teams.

VAFA Premier C Section – Williamstown CYMS FC preview: “Card Night”

Smokie looks back on the “Card Night”, which once formed part of his pre-match ritual.

VAFA – Williamstown CYMS: A Great Reaches 200

In his long association with Williamstown CYMS FC, Smokie has seen many good footballers represent the club. Ben Gray, who plays his 200th match tomorrow, is one of the greatest.

VAFA Premier C – Williamstown CYMS: What We Deserve

With one round remaining in C Section, Williamstown CYMS will play Fitzroy on Saturday week for the right to ascend to B Grade. Who “deserves” it? Who “deserves” anything?

VAFA Premier C – Willy CYs v Ivanhoe: A Multiplicity of Smokies

Smokie works out how he can be in two places at once – down at the old Fearon and on duty at home.

Flying North For The Winter (The CYs Preview)

The annual migration to warmer climes has commenced. The CY’s are not alone in dealing with this issue, but will be particularly hard hit in the next few weeks

VAFA – Smokie’s CYs preview: House Parties

Smokie Dawson is sniffing the social glue that has held Willy CYs together over the years.

VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Williamstown CYMS: A variation on a theme? meme? dream? team!

‘Sing a song of sixpence, an oval encircled by sky.
Two n’ twenty each of seagulls and lion cubs, matched in a vie.’
Read Stephen Fenton’s report from Saturday’s VAFA Premier C clash between Fitzroy FC & Williamstown CYMS.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs Preview: Uni Daze

In this week’s preview, Smokie reminisces about his tumultuous time at Melbourne Uni

VAFA Premier C – the CYs Preview: Road Hog

As usual, it took only days for Smokie to break his New Year’s resolution

VAFA Premier C – The CY’s Preview (Rd 3): The E.H. Holden

When he played in the Under-19’s, Smokie’s mode of transport was an old E.H. Holden.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs Preview: Round 2

In Ammos C Grade, Williamstown CYMS travel to Old Ivanhoe in an important test. Meantime, Smokie reminisces about an old boss.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs’ Preview: Round 1

Amateur footy kicks off in Melbourne today. And Smokie will be at the Fearon to watch his old club play. This is the first of his weekly Williamstown CYMS previews.

VAFA C Grade Semi Final – Willy CYs v Marcellin: The Very First Time

This Sunday at Elsternwick Park, Williamstown CYMS enter the VAFA C Grade finals for the very first time. Smokie will be on hand to witness this historic event.


Ben Hynes, a legendary figure at Williamstown CYMS FC, recently became the first player to reach 300 games for the club. Smokie pays tribute to his friend and former team-mate.

Smokie’s Willy CYs Preview, Rd10: Midsomer

Williamstown CYMS travel to Marcellin for a must-win game. But Smokie has his mind on crime.