Almanac Books – ‘Barty: Much More Than Tennis’ – Ron Reed and Chris McLeod

Australia’s pre-eminent tennis player – perhaps our No 1 sports personality overall – is back in the spotlight, says Ron Reed, the author of a soon to be released updated book about her, ‘Barty: Much More Than Tennis’.

Almanac (and Odd Friday) Lunch – Friday, April 23: Ron Reed

The next Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch is on the 23rd April. It will feature veteran sports journo Ron Reed. Ron will be discussing his latest book, War Games, as well as yarns from his long career.

Book Release: ‘War Games’ by Ron Reed

The most recent book by veteran journalist Ron Reed is called ‘War Games’ which deals with his father’s wartime experiences in Japan, and the plan Ron had to honour those memories with one last trip to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Strange Rain

A punting windfall as expressed by Damian Balassone in his poem.