Mrs Fitzsimons and the Whitefriars’ scribes

John Harms visited Whitefriars and found some willing young story-tellers.

Almanac (backyard) cricket: Tense struggle settled by memorable super-over.

A monumental cricket match is played at the Rennison Dome as Bluey Rennison reports from the Whitefriars’ studio.

Rocky, Deeks and Liminality

As Whitefriars’ Learning Leader in English, Jill Fitzsimons, nears the end of a very full year, she contemplates two athletes – Rocky and Deeks – who have helped her find strength, direction and perspective.

Almanac Soccer: Comeback

Bulleen were asleep in the first half and trailed South Melbourne 3-0. But an old-fashioned half-time spray from the coach got the boys back on track. Grade 8 Whitefriars’ student Angelo Amato explains what happened.

Almanac Soccer: Bottom Corner

The Blue Blitzers trail the Infernos at a Box Hill indoor soccer tournament – but it’s not over yet. Grade 8 Whitefriars’ student Conor O’Farrell tells the story of a memorable final 90 seconds of a fast and furious contest.

Round 21 – Preview: Not quite rights!

Sal Ciardulli offers his usual comprehensive preview of Round 21 and tackles the most important question in football. Will the new broadcast rights deal get BT out of our living rooms?

AFL Round 14 Preview – Four Minutes of Fantasy

Sal Ciardulli previews AFL Round 14. He reckons that once Tim Cahill retires the Socceroos might be more in need of a key striker than his Carlton Blues.


He made his way towards our table dodging through the bustling gathering of blokes all cheerfully engaged in conversation about footy and old school day memories. “Choofer!” We called out his nickname. “G’day Choof” He shook hands with us, smiling like a bloke who’d just backed a long shot. G’days were swapped around. He took [Read more]