Almanac Surfing: Surfing and the middle-aged accountant

Following Dips O’Donnell’s excellent Queen’s Birthday weekend surfing piece, we thought we’d let you know where it all started. Here’s Dips’ first crack at the caper, a piece which was published in Long Bombs to Snake I.

Finals Week 1 – Sal’s preview: Let the games begin!

Sal sizes up a big weekend of finals football. And did he mention he doesn’t like Thursdays?

Mrs Fitzsimons and the Whitefriars’ scribes

John Harms visited Whitefriars and found some willing young story-tellers.

Almanac (Junior) Footy: Local footy at its best

Grade 8 Whitefriars’ student Zac Kornitschuk played in a cracker of a match for Blackburn against Vermont on a bleak winter’s day.

Almanac (Backyard) Cricket: Family Tradition

The great cricket tradition of the Clarks, Cowells and Wests continues as Jayden West of Whitefriars’ College reports.