Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast: Tarzan! King of the Bulldogs!

According to Neil Anderson, Easton Wood does a mighty Tarzan but who’s his Jane?

Round 16 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: Jake Stringer – Our Saviour

Alex Docherty is surprised by the endeavor of Richmond’s young cubs on Saturday night, but Jake Stringer’s herculean effort in the last quarter enables the Dogs to squeak home.

Round 16 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: Two Bulldogs vs Tigers matches

Saints fan Yoshi found himself in an unfamiliar position of watching two bulldogs v tigers games in the Osaka Coolabah

Almanac People: Meeting Mohamed

Mohamed Omar El-Qadi is a passionate Western Bulldogs fan who never misses a match. So what? Well, he lives in Cairo, has never met another Doggies’ fan and dreams of one day making it to Australia to see his heroes in the flesh. [Excellent story – ed]

Round 15 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: still looking for a cat to kick!

Craig Dodson returns to the SCG to watch his Swans for the first time since 2000 and the defeat to the Bulldogs is a loss that hurts and an opportunity lost.

Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Neil Anderson ponders the eternal Bulldogs question, why can’t they beat the Cats?

Women’s AFL: She Begins

On Wednesday, the AFL officially granted eight clubs licenses to the inaugural 2017 Women’s AFL competition. One journey ends and another begins today.

Women’s AFL: Women’s league post postscript

The AFL announced 8 new Women’s Teams for inaugural 2017 season, Paul Spinks suggests if you don’t have a team barrack for everyone playing against Collingwood

Women’s Footy – VFL: Cecilia McIntosh

Veteran Melbourne University defender Cecilia McIntosh on her long return to VFL following a knee reconstruction.

Round 4 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Dogs in a canter

Bulldogs building the dream while Carlton builds a team.

Round 2 – St. Kilda v Western Bulldogs: Dogs Reign On St. Nick’s Parade

The Saints hosted the Dogs for Nick Riewoldt his 300th game. Where does he stand when compared to other St Kilda greats?

Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Easter Sunday Delights

First game sets up a good year for Alex Docherty’s Bulldogs.

Incoherent rant ahead: Wrong Move North Melbourne

Andrew Starkie lets rip on Brad Scott’s decision to rest nine players, a tactical manoeuvre that could impact North’s form, momentum, credibility and culture.

Crio’s Q? – beating Collingwood (Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood)

The Silver Anniversary of Stevie Kolyniuk’s famous goal against Collingwood and the Doggies’ win this weekend is the trigger for reminiscence on those happy “Pie-eating” memories. Indulge!

Bulldogs’ Perfect Bark on Bastille Day: Be Loud, Be Fair

Bob Murphy and the Bulldogs’ ‘Be Loud, Be Fair’ campaign gives Braham Dabscheck cause to reflect on the role of footy in the wider community.

Crio’s Q? The player-umpire relationship quandary.

Players: let umpires do their job (and stay out of their space).
Umpires: the players are not your mates. Hands off. Shut up and do your job.
Crio suggests that the rules of engagement need to be clear…and enforced.

Round 3 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Mutiny on the Bonty

Neil Anderson recounts the harrowing tale of the good ship The Marcus Bonetmpelli and its crew; and its fateful voyage to Van Diemen’s Land

Foody Almanac : Hoy Heng, Lest We Forget

Food, community and traditions: Steve Baker evokes a time when Footscray called the Western Oval its home and Chinese food in Barkly Street was a post-match ritual for Doggies fans.

Word Association Football

Mark Schwerdt has set himself the task of associating each AFL club with both an Australian and overseas musical artist. There’s a couple of gaps that need your input.

A review of the 2013 Best and Fairest results (so far): an insight into game plans, what the coaches look for and backmen winning awards (?!)

It’s AFL Best and Fairest season, with all but the WA results now in. Sean Curtain gives his take on each of the clubs – what do you reckon? And who do you think will take out the remaining two?