Leading from the front: Neil Thompson’s journey

Neil ‘Thommo’ Thompson has a remarkable life story, ranging from over 20 footy clubs (12 of them being guided to flags by Neil) and a few harrowing tales of the Bali bombings and UN involvements. Rob Spurr has been lucky enough to know ‘Thommo’, and has produced a wonderful recount of ‘Thommo’s’ many tribulations [a must-read, this is an amazing story – Ed].

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS; THE S.S.S.C.A Christmas Eve Street Criggit Invitational

Steve Baker recounts a Christmas tale to gladden the heart and stir the memories of anyone who played a game of neighbourhood cricket in their youth. Sorry – criggit. (Also good for those fancying a bit of 80s Melbourne nostalgia.)

VAFA Premier B – Werribee v Fitzroy: Way Out West

Phil Hill travels as far west as Werribee to watch his Roy Boys pull off their first win of the year.

How to Watch Footy, part 5

Vin Maskell is in his element this week – in charge of the scoreboard during the traditional Werribee-Williamstown clash. Bliss.