Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song – another take

In response to Kevin Densley’s call to find Australia’s best song, KN Dole offers his suggestion for the best song for these Covid times.

Tom Wills, Weddos and the scorn of the village

In his confronting and honest post, Phil Dimitriadis discusses his link to Tom Wills, Weddings Parties Anything, The Almanac and his own struggles.

Almanac Music: almost alone at a Mick Thomas gig

Duets are really meant for two. Even poorly sung it needs two voices. Just like going to a Mick Thomas gig. I shouldn’t be here alone. I should be here with Steve.

Grand Final Entertainment

John Harms elaborates on his suggestion (on ABCTV’s Offsiders) to include Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas in the Grand Final pre-match – every year. [Who else would you include? Ed]

Round 6 – GWS v Hawthorn: A Tale They Won’t Believe

Kath Presdee brings a Weddings, Parties, Anything flavour to her take on the Giants defeat of the reigning premiers.