Almanac Teams: From Push Ups to Lay Ups; Obscure 46s (1980- )

The follow up to the best of Number 46 side from Rodney Boyd contains some (literal) high flyers, sons of guns and a cricket/media icon.

Stuck On You: A love affair with footy cards

We’ve all grown up with a love of footy and collecting footy cards, and Ed Carmine is no exception as he explains.

Almanac Footy Teams – A salute to the Waning Waynes

There’s a world of Waynes out there, and Phil Dimitriadis rhapsodises about a team of just Waynes. Has he left anyone out?

Almanac Teams: North and South

North and South.  Polar opposites.  Literally.  But not necessarily figuratively. Over time, South went north and North went south but along the way, there seems to be an inordinate amount of players who represented both clubs.  Hence, here is a team of players who played at least one VFL/AFL game at both North Melbourne and South Melbourne/Sydney. 

The 2018 Eddie Betts Cup

[JTH here] I love Earl’s stuff. Ahead of his time. I find myself in agreement with references to:
Dean Rioli
The Lions of 2001-2003
Gilbert McAdam
Wayne Schwass
Other stuff including a great line about Eddie Betts
And if there’s a get together at Henson Park please let me know.

2017 thoughts: Beating on against the current

After a year like this what can we control? Dave Wilson sees much in his year in review and Christmas song countdown on #gravyday