Almanac Walking – Therapy for the Soul: Some links

Walking is a therapeutic and relaxing pastime that can bring substantial benefits to both mind and body. Check out some interesting reads that look at the philosophical aspect of walking.

I quite like walking…

Walking can be great therapy for both the body and the mind. Kate Birrell has been out and about, talking to a neighbour and experiencing the bush track at Mt Warning while she thinks about it all.

Never Underestimate a Trip to the Library

Ever heard of Johnny Day? Nimblefoot? Harold Peacock found their stories, and a great deal more, at the National Library.

To walk or not to walk

Stuart Broad is a cheat. No argument can deny that fact. After cutting a ball to first slip in the first Ashes Test, Broad refused to walk. He failed in his duty of care to the game, his supporters and his legacy. But he is not alone.