Damian Balassone recalls an ODI match between Australia and the West Indies which he attended with his dad, and the anticipation of waiting for Allan Border to take strike.

Almanac Cricket: The West Indies and the forlorn hope

After a blink and you’d miss it loss to Australia, Matt Watson looks back at the origins of the West Indies cricket side, their historic highs and steady downturn.

Almanac (Australian) Cricket: Beset by crisis because the system is spoiled

This is the regression we had to have.  In ironmike20’s life, Australian cricket has suffered three great crises and rebounded.  This crisis is self-inflicted, but a setback is an opportunity for a comeback.  The Aussies have done it before and can do it again a passionate Mike claims.

Wests Juniors Australian Football Club (WJAFC) 90th Anniversary Keynote

Turning 50, Geoff Woolcock has pulled some thoughts together about the significance of local community and junior footy while reflecting upon his long and distinguished footy career.

Good parent or a pompous tool?

A parental confession? You be the judge.

Book Review (4 of 52): The Cricket War by Gideon Haigh

Jack Banister is back with his 4th book review of 2018. Under the Banister microscope is Gideon Haigh’s masterpiece ‘The Cricket War’. In the new cricketing climate that now exists, Jack recommends you revisit the game’s original revolution

Almanac Cricket: Peace and war; a selection minefield – 1979-80 revisited.

Peter Warrington looks at what transpired in and around the 1979-80 Test series (England and West Indies toured that summer), the first series after the WSC split. Great memories. Intriguing analysis.

The death and births of ODIs

As T20 cricket continues to eclipse its 50-over cousin, Crankypete fondly remembers the first birth of ODI cricket.

Almanac cricket: When the Windies, and cricket, were king

As the Test gets under way at Blundstone Arena, Phil Dimitriadis returns to the final days of his childhood when Calypso cricket had no peer. [Super memoir, first published 2009 – JTH]

Australia v West Indies – Hobart Test: Memorable West Indies names

Brutas Mudcake ranks the names of West Indies cricketers. There have been some classics. Add yours to the list.

Wearing Viv in Greece

You will find cricket in unlikely places.

Second Test – Day 4: The Clarke Captaincy

As a fielding captain Michael Clarke first won points for being inventive and a lateral thinker. This summer he’s begun to lose them as he’s gone from being inventive to quirky to cutesy-pie, says Bernard Whimpress.

crio’s Q?

Last Wednesday marked the 37th (!!) anniversary of the first Cricket World Cup Final. I remember it. Mostly I remember being allowed to watch some of it on TV…a late night novelty. Clive Lloyd’s imperious ton and Viv’s deadly throws cannoned from Lord’s through my little black and white screen in the Adelaide ‘burbs. I [Read more]