To the Victor Go the Spoils

Cranky Pete’s ode to the great Victor Trumper.
“He was twice as good, and averaged half as much as, Smith”

Australia’s National Day

On the occasion of January 26 and what it now means, Peter Crossing delves into Australia’s sporting history to look for a suitable date for celebrating the nation that exists on this island continent. [Thought-provoking – Ed]

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Peter Baulderstone imagines a meeting between Vic and the Don.

Almanac Cricket (Book Review): Stroke of Genius is a stroke of genius

Writer, sports historian and lover of words, Roy Hay, reviews Gideon Haigh’s Stroke of Genius and concludes it is THE cricket book to read this summer. He explains why it is so brilliant.

Victor Trumper and Gideon Haigh

Col had a great night with fellow Almanackers at the dinner with Gideon Haigh speaking about his book, “Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the shot that changed cricket.”

Almanac Books: Gideon Haigh’s Stroke of Genius (and Gideon for dinner on Nov 23)

Gideon Haigh’s new book Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the shot that changed cricket is out now. Read about the book. (Includes Catherine McGregor’s review.)

Come to dinner with Gideon Haigh on Nov 23.

Almanac Classic Cricket Writing: Arthur Mailey’s Opposing my Hero from 10 for 66 and all that

A.A. Mailey on bowling to Victor Trumper. This is a deadset classic.

Limited Overs Sixermania … bring back the Five and an end to Sixes!

Drawing on precedent, Demonymic proposes the resurrection of the ‘five’.

Happy Birthday Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh raises the bat today. [Well played old son, a fine knock so far – JTH]

Beyond Bradmania

DG Bradman’s first game for St George in November 1926 is the dawn of modern cricket history according to “Cranky” Pete Warrington. But let’s not discount those who came came before The Don. Cricket’s “Golden Age” needs to be remembered.

The Life and Times of the Immortal Victor Trumper

Phil Hill and his wife travelled to Sydney for a three day weekend, to learn, dissect and discuss the extraordinary life of Australian cricket legend Victor Trumper.

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Playlist

E.regnans turns to music and video to describe Day 1, SCG, Scenes 1-5.

Trumper Charge

Photo by Peter Argent Do we see any resemblance? Photo by George Beldam

The 2011 Boxing Day scoreboard quiz

Photos by Les Everett The classic old manual scoreboard at the city end of the  MCG  stood for many a year. It told the story of a cricket match from beginning to end, and was probably photographed by many a footy fan just after the Grand Final siren. It has also been immortalised in a [Read more]