Rain, mud and shellackings

V.A.F.A. DIVISION 1 REVIEW (Rd 12) It would give me great pleasure, dear readers, to be able to announce that last week saw a round chock full of cliff-hanger finishes and nail-biting contests. That under grey and rainy skies there were battles decided by less than a kick. That there were heroes anointed after successful [Read more]

Blacks fail to bounce back as Bloods loss cuts deep

BLOODS SPEARED BY RUSTY NAIL AS BLACKS GRAB INFECTIOUS VICTORY Although most local footy fans in Melbourne would have been rejoicing at the sight of brilliant sunshine last Saturday morning, your correspondent was unfortunately feeling the pinch.  After a heavy week of overnight sports viewing including Tour De France, Australia v England cricket and Wimbledon, [Read more]

Are Old Geelong the real deal?

V.A.F.A. Division 1 – Round 8 review It was a win that made the rest of the competition sit up and take a bit more notice of the men from Como Park. A victory over the previously unbeaten Peninsula, who are notoriously difficult to overcome on their own patch down the coast. What also made [Read more]