Almanac Footy History – Goals, behinds and points of difference.

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Ken Haley takes to the archives to compare the current day’s game (as far as the VFL/AFL is concerned) with other periods in its rich, storied life. The results may surprise some of you!

Oldest surviving footballers (and can you help?)

Thanks to some wonderful work from AFL statistician Col Hutchinson and several others, we’d like to present a list of the oldest surviving footballers and invite you to get involved by sharing any insights or tales you have about them.

Oldest surviving footballers – Full list

A companion piece for the oldest surviving footballers, this is the list of all the players provided for the Almanac, including some who may or may not be still with us. Get in touch if you have any knowledge about them or others we might have missed.

The Dickensian festive season footy fan (Part 3): The ghost of footy future

This is the final chapter of Jarrod Landells’ tale of the three clubs that shaped his relationship with the AFL

The Dickensian festive season footy fan (Part 1): The ghost of footy past

Jarrod Landells has emerged as a supporter of a number of teams as he explains in this thoroughly engaging piece of memory and contemplation which draws on a little Dickens too.

VFL/AFL all time highest aggregates

Tony Corke provides us with a list of the highest-aggregate scores in VFL/AFL history. It includes the incredible 1972 VFL Grand Final. [Does this list trigger any memories? Were you there?]