Almanac Art: A prelude to the 2020 AFL Grand Final from DJ Williams

They’re the last teams standing in 2020, but as the artwork of Darren ‘DJ’ Williams shows, Richmond and Geelong have been standing for a very long time.

Almanac Football History: An ordinary meeting of the VFA in 1892

And you thought behavioural awareness officers were extreme…

Stab Punt Jim Johnson dug up this relic from the 1890s: a report of a general meeting of the VFA. Read on to see how the conduct of uncouth spectators was tackled in the 19th Century!

Almanac Art and Footy History: Richmond v Footscray, Punt Road, 1904

DJ Williams has painted a scene from the Richmond v Footscray clash at Punt Road in 1904. The piece is augmented with his words about the early rivalry of Richmond and Footscray and also gives an account of a very exciting match.