Almanac Life: The Age of Corona

This Age of Corona is not the first as John Harms recalls.

Memoir: Facing Michael Kasprowicz

John Harms has faced a Test bowler at a Test venue, and lived to tell the tale. Just. He was put into this situation because he paid insufficient respect to the top opening bowler.

The ‘Baz’ Mullins Cup

Damien ‘Baz’ Mullins was a handy cricketer, barrister, administrator, and on the board of Cricket Australia, before dying, from cancer, at he age of 49 in 2010. Each year his memory is honoured in the ‘Baz’ Mullins Cup. Peter Herring reports.

Obituary: WEP Harris


A beer and a Weppa-burger please

These days, when I return to Brisbane, I always make my way out along Coro Drive, past those great watering holes, the Regatta and the RE, down Sir Fred Schonell Drive, to the university. I like to do a lap of the beautiful grounds, just as I. Lamb (Australia) and I did in my Morris [Read more]