Centre Square Blues

Warren Tapner has written a poem about the art of umpiring.

Outrageous fortune on the half forward flank

There are rules and there are rules. Some are straight forward, like the drive on the left rule. Some make a lot of plain sense, like the wear a seat belt rule. And some, like the holding the ball rule, in Australian rules football are incorrigibly self-conflicted and yet almost profound in their gallant striving [Read more]

When a throw is a throw

In baseball they call it a pitch, in netball a pass, in football a handpass. In all three cases it could simply be called a throw. I remember gathering around Mr Patto at footy training as an eight year old at Petrie Park in Montmorency. Mr Patto was a legend; Montmorency’s Pied Piper. Rather than [Read more]